The Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan

Annual Review guidance for Education, Health and Social Care plans

A Review will take place within 12 months (or every three to six months for a child under 5). Parents/carers and their child will be invited to discuss their child or young person's progress with the education setting and in many cases, other professionals, and to contribute their views. Any changes that the reports and evidence suggest might need to be made to the EHC Plan will be discussed during the review process and certainly at the review meeting. The targets, or 'steps towards' the outcomes in the EHC Plan will also be reviewed at the meeting, and where needed, new targets will be recommended. All the information will then be shared with the Local Authority who will decide whether any changes to the EHC Plan are necessary. If there has been sufficient progress and the child or young person's needs can be met from the resources normally available to the educational setting, the outcomes have been met or the young person is no longer pursuing education or training or is moving to Higher education, then the EHC Plan can be ceased - again, the Local Authority will look at all the evidence and decide whether that is the case, and will let you and the education setting know.

Visit SIASS to learn more about the Annual Review (external link). 

The Council for Disabled Children have further information about the Annual Review for Education, Health and Social Care plans. 

Visit their website (external link). 


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