Dfe number
3139 5402
Contact details
Peaks Hill, Purley, CR8 3YP
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Head Teacher
Mr P E McCullagh BSc (Hons), PGCE, MA, NPQH
Open Evening Dates
Friday 9 September 4-8pm
Places available and applications received
Places available for September 2022: 180
Applications received for September 2021: 501
School's Profile
The John Fisher School is a voluntary aided, all-ability, Catholic school for boys. The school is conducted as a Catholic school in accordance with the Code of Canon Law promulgated by the Apostolic See and teachings of the Catholic Church. The Governing Body, acting through its Admissions Committee, will admit 189 boys each year at age 11 without regard to aptitude or ability.

The main order of priority for admission is:
Category A. Roman Catholic boys
Category B. Other boys
Note: The School is normally over-subscribed by Category A applicants
School Admissions Criteria
In the event of over-subscription in either of the above categories, applications will be ranked as follows:

Category A Candidates (Roman Catholic boys)
150 places will be awarded under categories 1-3, with 30 places offered within criterion 4 as follows:

1. Looked After Boys and previously Looked After Boys.

2. In the case of Category A applicants only - Candidates who will have an older sibling at the school in September 2022.

3. In the case of Category A applicants only - Candidates who do not have an older sibling at the school in September 2022. Applications in this category will be placed within one of the following sub-categories as shown in Table1 by reference to the Supplementary Information Form and Priest's Reference form.
Baptism/Mass Attendance
A) Baptised Catholic / Weekly for at least three years
B) Baptised Catholic / Weekly for at least one year
C) Baptised Catholic / fortnightly for at least three years
D) Baptised Catholic /fortnightly for at least one year
E) All other Baptised Roman Catholic candidates
4. 30 places for children living in the Roman Catholic Sutton Deanery, who meet the criteria in Table 1, and who have not gained places under criteria 1-3 above. Applicants will be ranked according to Table 1 and the subsequent notes. Should there be insufficient applicants to fill these 30 places, remaining places will be offered to remaining candidates in criteria 1-3.
Within each category and sub-category, applications will be prioritised according to:
a. professionally supported medical or social reasons.
b. proximity to the School from the Candidate’s home address, measured in a straight line.

Category B Candidates (Other Boys)
1 Looked After Boys in the care of families or, previously Looked After Boys who have been adopted or who have become the subject of a residence or guardianship order.
2 Candidates with an older sibling at the school in September 2022.
3 Candidates from other Christian denominations, including Eastern Orthodox.
4 All other candidates.
Faith School Additional Information
All applicants are required to complete a supplementary form. Baptised Roman Catholic applicants should also submit a parish priest reference. Other faiths should complete a religious leader reference form. All forms are found on the school’s website under the parents and carers heading.
Distance offered to in previous 3 years