Advanced warning of works to create a Zebra Crossing on London Road

In November 2015, the public were invited to participate in an informal consultation, where they could express their views on four options to install zebra crossings in Hackbridge. These options were based on the Stage 3 Road Safety Audit (into the original Heart of Hackbridge scheme) that was conducted in March 2015 and recommended the addition of zebra crossings in locations that reflected the natural movement of pedestrians in the area.

As the zebra crossing at 1 Hackbridge Road (near Hackbridge Primary School) was included in all four options, the Council installed this crossing prior to the consultation during November and December 2015.

The result of the informal consultation was that Option 2, which included a zebra crossing north of the roundabout at 156 London Road (William Hill Bookmakers), in addition to the crossing at 1 Hackbridge Road, was preferred.

The following is the proposed programme of works:

Works to install the belisha beacon posts and combined lighting units for the crossing will occur on 16 August 2016. The existing lighting columns will be removed, to allow the belisha beacon posts to be installed. The posts will not have the flashing beacons on them at this stage and neither will they be painted. This is because of all of the other works that will need to be completed before the crossing can become operational. Parking bays around the crossing area will be temporarily suspended as part of these works.


The main works will begin on 22 August 2016 to implement this zebra crossing.


The works will be carried out over a planned 2-3 week period and may require temporary traffic lights, with definite overnight work on one (possibly two) nights, closures of some roads (during the overnight works only) and suspension of a number of parking bays during the works.


The use of temporary traffic lights may be essential for some of the elements of these works, to ensure the safety of pedestrians, motorists and the contractor.

In order to minimise inconvenience, the temporary traffic lights will only be operational between 09:30 and 16:00 (ie outside rush hour).

We will need to remove the informal crossing on London Road to enable the implementation of the zebra crossing. This will require full closure of both Hackbridge Road and London Road. In order to minimise disruption and inconvenience, we will carry out this work at night. These overnight works are planned for Tuesday 30 August and Wednesday 31 August, and will be carried out between the hours of 21:00 & 05:00. The works are likely to involve a significant amount of noise between 21:00 & 00:00 during the excavation phase.

The intended & proposed programme for the works is as follows:

Installation of Belisha Beacons Tuesday 16 August Existing lighting columns will be removed and these will be replaced with belisha beacon posts with a combined lighting unit.
Start of Main Works Monday 22 August Footway works (tactile paving, removal of parking bays etc).
  Monday 29 August Works continue
  Tuesday 30 and possibly Wednesday 31 August. Overnight closure of Hackbridge Road and London Road to remove informal crossing and install Zebra Crossing.
  Friday 2 September Intended switch on date for the Zebra Crossing
Work concludes Monday 5 September In the event that there are any outstanding works, they are to be concluded during this week.

Where the gold coloured footway surfacing (that will be needed to complete the works) has a longer lead in time, we will then plan a final phase of works for later in the year to address any surfacing issues and the introduction of a contra-flow cycle lane in Longfield Avenue and any other outstanding elements.