The approved works to the Hackbridge Public Realm were completed on Friday 30 January, bar some snagging works, with the final installation of the parking bays adjacent to Saxon House.

An Interim Safety Audit of the 'as built' scheme was carried out by Capital Traffic (an independent Traffic and Highways Consultancy company qualified to undertake Safety Audits) in August 2014.
Following the Interim Safety Audit carried out in August and having listened to residents, the council has introduced changes to the original scheme to improve the junction and will continue to monitor its use by all users including those that are partially sighted or blind. As part of the improvements, the council has progressed a number of actions including:
  • the installation of a mini roundabout with arrows, give-way markings and lit signs;
  • the installation of new roundabout ahead signs;
  • the launch of a road safety campaign; and
  • carrying out an audit of traffic speeds through the new junction. The dramatic reduction in average traffic speeds means that the council can now consult on an extension to the existing 20 MPH Zone.
A final Stage 3 Safety Audit has now been commissioned and should be undertaken by the end of February. It will look at the safety of the completed scheme including the new mini roundabout. The Safety Audit will include a day time audit which will review the use of the pedestrian crossings in full use during afternoon peak hours to coincide with the finishing times of the school, and a night time audit, when the street lights are switched on. The audit will be undertaken in accordance with the Road Safety Guidelines (published by the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation - October 2008), and will again be undertaken by Capital Traffic.
Once the Audit is completed the results will be reviewed with our key technical partners including Transport for London, the Greater London Authority and the emergency services.
The full report will be made public once all due processes have been followed.
Finally, an independent accessibility audit of the 'as built' scheme will also be undertaken within the next month.