Transfer to Secondary School 2022- National offer day

Applicants will receive an email notifying them of their outcome on the evening of 1st March 2022, which will provide information on the next steps. Outcome letters will be posted first class on 1st March to all applicants where an email address has not been supplied.

Contact information for waiting lists and appeals is available directly from the Sutton schools. Schools will contact you in due course regarding admissions arrangements. Waiting list positions for Sutton schools will be available at the earliest from the schools after 16 March 2022

If you live in the London Borough of Sutton and have not yet made an application and would like to, you can apply through eAdmissions.

Transfer to Secondary School Information indicates the published admissions number at each Sutton secondary school and where relevant, how far places were allocated to on distance.

All Sutton secondary schools are their own admissions authority and rank their own applications. Therefore, you will have to contact the schools for further information about how your application was ranked and places were allocated.

Unfortunately, as happens each year, it has not been possible to offer every Sutton child a place at a school that was listed as a preference on their application form. Please see additional information if you have had not had an offer of a place at one of your preference schools.