Trees and woodlands are an extremely important part of the Sutton’s landscape and the well being of residents and visitors; the benefits of which are various (covering many different areas of Sutton’s environment and society).

Environmental benefits:

  • absorbing airborne pollutants like ozone, carbon, sulphur and nitrogen dioxides and acting as carbon sinks (converting carbon dioxide into plant tissue)
  • filtering the air of dust, other particulates and noise
  • producing oxygen
  • reducing localized extremes in temperature (helping to cool the air in summer and warm the air in winter)
  • reducing the effects of flash floods
  • providing habitats for a variety of wildlife

Economic benefits:

  • increasing property and land values (by 5-10% for residential or commercial properties and 27% for undeveloped land (with mature trees present))
  • providing a sustainable source of woodchip bio-fuel (as a by-product of tree works) and a source of compost (leaf matter) for use in parks
  • can provide employment through all aspects of the industry

Social and health benefits:

  • providing a more beautiful setting, especially in urban areas
  • helps reduce stress levels throughout the borough
  • softens and brings colour and character to built up environment
  • releases scents and aromas that can promote a positive emotional state which contributes to better health and well being