If the issue with a public tree is not urgent or an emergency, the council will conduct regular, cyclical, inspections and pruning in accordance with their legal, statutory, duty of care every 3-4 years.



Frequency of inspections


Four yearly (see highways cyclical programme below)


Four yearly


Four yearly


Four yearly


Two yearly


Annual (for those schools who have bought into the inspection service)

Social services

As requested

Car parks

As requested


Tree works schedule (on a 4 yearly cycle):

The schedule below is accurate as from 21/05/2015, however this is subject to change where financial restrictions are applied.







Wandle Valley

Carshalton South & Clockhouse

Sutton Central

Wallington South

Worcester Park

Beddington South

Carshalton Central

Sutton West

Sutton South


Sutton North


St Helier

Wallington North

Wandle Valley


Beddington North


The Wrythe

Beddington South




How we inspect

When inspecting the borough's tree stock, a qualified arboriculturalist conducts a detailed inspection of each tree, looking for any indication that the tree, in whole or in part, may be under stress.

Why we prune 

The significance of any visible, significant defects are considered in relation to site usage and overall tree health. Pruning works are recommended to remove or minimise hazards and associated problems.

The London Borough of Sutton recommends pruning works with the overall aim of establishing a sustainable tree population that reflects the diverse interests and values that we place on trees whilst providing an overall benefit to society by balancing benefits and risk.

Tree works schedule - Parks and Allotments

The schedule below is accurate as from 08/02/2016, however this is subject to change where financial restrictions are applied.



Grove Park                                         Sutton Common Park                                
Benhill Rec                                        Wrythe Greens                                      
Collingwood Rec                                    Courtney Crescent                                 
Hamilton Avenue Rec                                Cheam Rec                                         
Roundshaw Park                                     Fairlands Park                                    
Roundshaw Playing Field                            Pylbrook Triangle Allotments                     
Rushey Meadow Park                                 Mellows Park                                      
Wrythe Recreation Ground                           St Mary's Field                                    
Reigate Avenue Rec                                 Poulter Park                                      
  The Green                                         
  Warren Park                                       



Richmond Green                                     Rosehill Park                                     
Carshalton Park                                    Roundshaw Allotments                              
Mallison Green                                     Jubilee Gardens                                   
Beddington Park                                    Woodcote Green                                    
Royston Park                                       Cuddington Park and Rec                           
Thomas Wall                                        Oaks Park                                         
Stanley Park Rec                                   Revesby Wood                                      
Elm Ponds                                          Quarry Park                                       
Middleton Road Open Space                          Perretts Field                                    
St Helier Open Space                               Seears Park                                       
Wallington Green                                   Carshalton Place Park                             
Dale Park                                          Limes Avenue Rec                                  
Rosehill Rec                                       Mill Green Allotments                             
Stanley Road Allotments                            Spencer Road Allotments                           
Corrigan Avenue Rec                                Central road allotments                           
Longlands Open space                               Spring Close Lane                                  
Demesne Road Allotments                            War Memorial Gardens, Cheam                       
  Bowmands Meadow Park                                
  Cheam Park