Tree debris (falling leaves, fruit or cones) – this is not a ‘legal nuisance’ and is regarded as a natural process.

Honeydew – this is a sticky substance produced by insects feeding on leaves which then can drop onto the ground or on property and cars. There is no practical treatment to prevent this. Affected residents should consider measures which they can take to protect their property – for instance, getting covers for or regular washing of cars/property. 

Bird fouling – even when trees are pruned they are still inhabited by wildlife so there are no practical measures or treatment for this. 

Pollens and allergens – as all vegetation produces pollen as part of a natural process, this does not constitute a ‘legal nuisance’. 

Branches touching telephone wires outside of the routine tree-works – this is the responsibility of British Telecom (BT).

Improving signal to satellite dishes or TV aerials. Affected residents should consider relocating aerials/dishes to another part of the roof or using signal ‘boosters’.