If you change your car, or your address, your permit may become invalid unless you tell us about those changes as soon as you can.

Change of vehicle

If you have bought a new car, or are using a replacement vehicle (due to repairs), you will need to complete a change of vehicle form and send this back to us with the current permit as soon as possible. A 3 week temporary permit can then be issued.

The charge for a replacement permit issued as a result of a change of vehicle is £25.

The redundant permit must be surrendered to the Council at the time of the transaction. The replacement permit will be valid for the unexpired period of the original permit.

To apply for a replacement permit you will need to provide proof that you are the registered owner of the vehicle at the address, eg the (V5) vehicle registration document or car insurance schedule.

If you are applying for a replacement permit for a company car you will need to provide a letter, on company headed paper, confirming you have sole use of the vehicle at the address of the application.

If you do not have all the relevant documentation, on receipt of the completed application a temporary permit will be issued for 21 days to allow you time to provide the documents to us.


To apply for a change of details, please use this application form

All change of vehicle applications are processed at the office of our Parking enforcement Contractor Saba, located at 50 Grove Rd, Sutton, SM1 1BT. 

**Please ensure your vehicle continues to show a valid permit, visitor voucher or pay and display ticket at all times when parked in the controlled zone whilst your change of vehicle application is processed or you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.