As a local authority, we are committed to protecting and safeguarding children and young people in the Borough. In order to do this effectively, the Children’s First Contact Service (CFCS) has been designed and implemented as part of the work undertaken by the Sutton Local Safeguarding Children Partnership to replace the existing multiple entry points with a single quick and easy referral and assessment pathway to access Children’s Social Care in the London borough of Sutton. This will reduce any potential confusion, duplication or delay. If you want more information, please read through the bite size briefing.

As part of this service, the CFCS referral form is now the quickest and easiest way to access support from Children’s Services. This single referral form will be the new format for the following:

  • Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) - Referral Form
  • Early Help Request
  • Parenting Plus Referral
  • Children with Disabilities - Access point referral

Children's First Contact Service referral form

A range of other information, advice and support available locally and nationally that may be of assistance can be found on Sutton's Local Offer 

If you are unsure of the support needed or if needs change and escalate during this time please discuss this with the CFCS team on:

CFCS 020 8770 6001

CFCS Team are available Monday to Friday - 9am - 5pm