Sutton Council has been working in partnership with CAYSH for over 3 years to provide a vital housing support service to Care Leavers of the Council and statutory homeless young people.  

The purpose of the service has been to support the council’s strategic aims to provide safe supportive accommodation for young people threatened with homelessness and help us to meet our objectives as a good corporate parent for Looked After Children and Care Leavers.  The key objectives of the service have been to..

  • Promote prevention, early intervention and alternatives to care whilst ensuring that children who need to enter care do so in a timely way.
  • Help young people leaving care to make a successful transition to adulthood
  • Ensure that children’s views and wishes are heard in every activity
  • Raise the overall quality of placements and improve outcomes for young people while achieving better value for money.
  • Ensure placements meet the diverse needs of Looked After Children and young people in Sutton
  • Maintain good health outcomes for Looked After Children and young people in Sutton 
  • Ensure that young people are appropriately educated and have access to opportunities for employment or further education and training

The following link will take you to CAYSH's Annual Review for 2017/18, where you can read about the service and the experience of young service users through personal case studies.