Year 6s and Year 11s Transitions Flyer

Research Tips for Families

• Look at the school’s/ college (referred to as ‘settings’) website– check out their “SEND Information” 

• Whilst you are there, have a look at their policies on things like behaviour and homework

• Have a look at their latest Ofsted– remember, this may be outdated, so it’s not a fantastically accurate picture, but it’s a good indicator 

• During Covid-19, some settings will have uploaded some virtual tours of the setting for prospective parents and children and young people to see and for children and young people to familiarise themselves with them as part of their transition to their new setting.

• Use caution when listening to other people’s opinions! All children and young people are different, and we all have different expectations of school.

When you get in touch with a school 

• Explain you are a prospective parent and you are looking at their school to potentially send your child to. 

• Outline that they have SEND (give an overview) 

• Tell them you'd appreciate an informal get together, outside of the general open days/evenings, so you can talk about how they do SEND in their school, and whether they can meet your child's needs. During Covid-19, the ‘get together’ may be virtual at a pre-agreed time and date. Please call the setting to make arrangements.


• An EHC Plan is required for special school places, including units on mainstream settings.

• A panel makes the decisions on special school placements and will consider your preference for a particular setting (we advise to name 3 settings). 

Summer Term Year 5 

SEND service will write to all Year 5 parents of C/YP with EHCP (in March)

  • offering a virtual meeting with the SEN team to discuss the processes on 22nd April at 10.30am and
  • explaining we will be asking for preferences for transition into Year 7 in September 2022
  • generic questions can be asked at this session. Questions about individual children can be asked the following day at individual sessions that can be booked with the SEND service

SEND service will offer individual sessions with parents to discuss their child's circumstances 

SEND service will write to all schools with Year 5 C/YP with EHCPs & send out next academic year Year 6 annual review list to schools 

1st internal SEND panel on Year 5 preferences to understand the preferences and decide on consultations 

SEND service will consult with special Secondary Schools and units and Post-16 providers for places

Autumn Term Year 6

SEND service will consult with mainstream Secondary Schools for places  

Final SEND panel involving external partners to decide allocation of places 

SEND service will communicate offers to parents with proposed amended EHCPs 

Spring Term Year 6

SEND service will finalise EHCP and issue to parents and young people 

Both schools can commence transitional arrangements to pave the way for a successful transition into yr7 - it is recommended that the secondary SENCO attends the yr6 Review of the EHCP meeting (Annual Review)


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