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Spick and Span Sutton

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Spick and Span Sutton

Spick and Span Sutton is a programme of intensive street cleansing and community clean-ups that will start in April 2019 and get the borough’s high streets and town centres looking their best and ready for summer.

Council-led activities will include:

  • Additional jet washing of high streets and town centres

  • Trial of new high-tec ‘smart’ litter bins that use solar power to compress litter, so can hold up to eight times more litter than a normal bin.  They even email the council when they need emptying!

  • Support for community groups that want to organise their own community clean-ups.  Support can be in the form of equipment (bags and litter pickers), advice and collection of full bags following a clean-up.

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How you can get involved:

  • Get together a group of like-minded people and organise your own community clean-up. Complete the Big Community Clean Streets form and we’ll get in touch to talk through your plans and tell what support and equipment we might be able to offer.

  • If you don’t have time to organise or join a community clean-up, you can still play your part. More and more people now pick up litter when they see it while walking the dog or taking the kids to school. It’s a really good habit to get into, and if enough of us do it, then it can make a really big difference. Why don’t you become a Litter Hero by signing Keep Britain Tidy’s pledge to spend a certain number of minutes this month picking up litter when you see it. You never know, it might become a habit! Become a Litter Hero by signing the pledge and commiting to spending anything from 15 minutes to three hours picking up litter in your local area this month.

Funding for Spick and Span Sutton activities is being provided by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, as part of a £9.75 million national grant announced in March 2019 to help support town centres across the country.

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