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Name of service
Croydon Care Solutions
Commissioned by The London Borough of Sutton
11 Bramley Hill
South Croydon
Journey Planner
Hannah Navarro
020 8688 9305
About the service
Independent Travel Training
Overview of the service
Sutton Travel Training Service supports young people with SEND who are provided travel assistance by the London Borough of Sutton, to learn to travel independently. The service supports individuals to learn to travel from home to school and the return journey. Training incorporates learning on stranger danger, using public transport, safe people to approach for support, journey planning and much more.
Communication and interaction needs
Cognition and learning needs
Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
Sensory needs
Physical needs
Specific or complex health needs
Categories of need
Complex health needs, Mild Learning Difficulty / Disability, Moderate Learning Difficulties/ Disability (MLD), Severe Learning Difficulties/ Disability (SLD), Mild Speech and Language difficulty, Moderate Speech and Language difficulty, Severe Speech and Language difficulty, SpLD (Specific learning Difficulties), Mobility Disabilities, Angelman Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Communication needs (Speech, Language and Communication), Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Down Syndrome, Social, Mental and Emotional Health, Visual Impairment, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, Spina Bifida, Challenging Behaviour, Personal Care Needs, Fragile X, Global Development Delay
Age ranges
12-15, 16-18
Who we provide for
Service availability
Monday to Friday, term time and non term time
What we do
Sutton’s Travel Training service supports young people with special educational needs (SEN) and additional needs travel to and from their place of education. With the assistance of fully-trained Travel Trainers, the aim is to help young people gain the confidence and skills that they need to make their journeys safely and independently. Each young person receives a personalised step-by-step travel plan which takes their needs into account and covers the journey and route information as well as covering areas such as personal safety, road safety, communication, money and time skills. Travel training has proven to be beneficial in enabling greater access to transport, education and employment opportunities for a range of people. By improving access to jobs, education, services and recreational facilities, travel training supports the objectives of promoting equality of opportunity and independence.
Is there a waiting list?
Are there any taster sessions?
Do you need a support worker?
Can you take your support worker with you?
Does parent / carer have to stay?
Is parent / carer allowed to stay?
Can siblings attend?
Staff SEND skills
All Croydon Care Solutions staff hold current DBS checks. Each Trainer has an OCN level 3 qualificiton in travel training. Staff also complete training on safeguarding, first aid, disability awareness, person centred planning, risk assessing and health and safety.
Have staff had safeguarding training in last year?
Staff Disability Awareness trained in last year?
Complaints procedure
Are staff trained in specialist interventions?
Are there staff trained in manual handling?
Assessing child safety
The process of travel training involves the following components: completion of the referral form, initial assessment, risk assessment, completion of an agreement form, recording and continuous assessment, final assessment and monitoring, and signing off with a final report.Each learner undergoes an extensive risk and readiness assessment, covering topics such as diagnosis, current travel arrangements, the learner’s interests and hobbies, risk factors and triggers. This is completed with the parents/carers and whenever possible the learner. In this assessment stage they gain an understanding of the methodology and their expectations are shaped including how we keep parent/carers and the learner informed of progress through the various stages of the training customised to individuals. The view of a relevant professional who is able to provide insight into the young person’s suitability for travel training, for example teacher or psychologist, is added to assessment form. The training will be based upon a learner’s communication plan as appropriate. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Croydon Council, our recruitment and selection procedures are managed through an SLA by the Council to the Council’s standards. All candidates are shortlisted for interview by a panel following a process and scored via an agreed points system. We conduct robust panel interviews and feed back is part of the recruitment process. DBS checks and two employment references are taken up.
Referral routes
Referrals can be made professionals, schools and parent/carers.
Deciding who can use the service
If a young person is in receipt of some form of Travel Assistance from the London Borough of Sutton, they may be eligible for the travel training service. Eligibility can easily be established following the completion of a referral form.
Is there a charge for the service?
Payment methods
Care package from LA
Our service is based in the Community using public transport.
Accessibility features
Wheelchair Access
Communication methods used
Signs and symbols, Makaton
Respite & Support
Emotional Well-being, Support groups and Voluntary Organisations
Education and childcare
SEN Support, Schools, Colleges & Post 16, Transport
Leisure and play
Clubs & activities, Things to do, Holidays, Sport & fitness, Friendships & relationships
Preparation for adulthood
Getting involved, University and work, Staying healthy, Money, Getting around, Travel training
Communicating with parents and carers
All promotional information and correspondence is available in a media format to meet the needs of the learner, parent or carer. Large print, Braille and audio versions are available on request. All learner information is available in a simpler pictorial based format.When engaging with families/carers to arrange the risk and readiness assessment it is always booked for a place and time that suits the family. It is explained at the time of booking that two members of staff are present for the assessment and the staff names are given. The details of the assessment are then confirmed We also support parents/carers with limited literacy skills to complete applications for zip cards for learners.If engaging with a family where English is not their first language we seek to find a translator from within the family unit. If this is not possible a translator will be sourced.
Is the service fully accessible?
Yes, it is based on Transport for Londons public transport network.
Ensuring inclusion
Each session is delivered on a one to basis and the young person leads the session and takes more control of each journey has learning increases.