Social care - Help Education and Learning for Parents by Parents HELPP

Record details

Name of service
Help Education and Learning for Parents by Parents HELPP
Commissioned by The London Borough of Sutton
Admin address, but services are provided in community centres and halls throughout the borough
37 Westcroft Road

Journey Planner

Peter Witt
020 8288 1039
About the service
HELPP is a registered charity which supports parents of challenging children (for example, those with ADHD, Aspergers, autism)
Overview of the service
HELPP works predominantly in the London Borough of Sutton and is run entirely by volunteer parents and carers whose own children and young people have a range of difficulties. It is resourced by charitable donations HELPP offers workshops and information services on a range of topics to help parents to understand and work better with their children
Communication and interaction needs
Helping parents and families deal with children with any communications or interaction problems
Cognition and learning needs
Helping parents and families deal with children with any learning needs including school refusal, development delay, class room behaviour, dyslexia dyspraxia
Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
Helping parents and families deal with children who have any social, emotional or mental health difficulties which present as challenging behavours in the home or school.
Sensory needs
Helping parents and families deal with children with any sensory issue
Physical needs
Not specifically catered for but would be welcomed to participate
Specific or complex health needs
Any combination or individual needs which present as challenging behaviours in the home or school
Categories of need
Complex health needs, Mild Learning Difficulty / Disability, Moderate Learning Difficulties/ Disability (MLD), Severe Learning Difficulties/ Disability (SLD), SpLD (Specific learning Difficulties), Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Social, Mental and Emotional Health, Challenging Behaviour, Global Development Delay
Age ranges
0 to 25
Who we provide for
Service availability
specific workshops as advertised
What we do
HELPP provides a safe, non-judgemental environment to support parents and carers to learn from each other about themselves and their children. We offer support and education about effective parenting strategies, using our experiences, support groups and workshops.
Is there a waiting list?
Are there any taster sessions?
Do you need a support worker?
Can you take your support worker with you?
Does parent / carer have to stay?
Is parent / carer allowed to stay?
Can siblings attend?
Staff SEND skills
Support is offered to PARENTS/CARERS of young people and children only to help them to improve their parenting of young people in the home.
Have staff had safeguarding training in last year?
Staff Disability Awareness trained in last year?
Complaints procedure
Are staff trained in specialist interventions?
Are there staff trained in manual handling?
Assessing child safety
Support is offered to parents/carers of young people and children only to help them to improve their parenting of young people in the home.
Referral routes
Self referral or from Borough services and Schools. see for details and contacts.
Deciding who can use the service
Open to all
Is there a charge for the service?
Community venues are used such as Schools, Salvation Army or Church halls around the Sutton area with good access and parking.
Accessibility features
Wheelchair Access, Accessible toilets
Communication methods used
Sign supported English
Respite & Support
Support groups and Voluntary Organisations, Support and family members
Education and childcare
SEN Support
Leisure and play
Friendships & relationships
Preparation for adulthood
Parents, siblings and Family carers
Communicating with parents and carers
Parents and carers who use our support services can contact our support worker at any time using the phone number shown on the website. After each workshop we invite feedback on an evaluation form. Each year we do a survey of needs and expectations to evaluate achievements and community benefit.
Is the service fully accessible?
We do not use our own premises but different venues which have various access levels. Please feel free to contact us in advance to discuss your specific needs and we will work with you to resolve any access issues as far as possible
Ensuring inclusion
Services are provided to parents and carers. Children are not in attendance.