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Name of service
Home-Start Sutton
Commissioned by The London Borough of Sutton
Alexandra Gardens Children's Resource Centre
Stanley Road
Journey Planner
Judith Armstrong
020 8647 6501
http://Home-Start Sutton
About the service
Home-Start Sutton's Local Offer
Overview of the service
Home-Start offers home-based weekly support to families with children 0 - 10 years. Professionally supervised, supported and trained volunteers offer practical and emotional support tailored to the needs of the children and family. The service is experienced in working with families at all levels of the London Continuum of Need.Home-Start is commissioned to work with families under Lot 1 (Family Resilience) of the framework for children with disabilities.
Communication and interaction needs
Yes, volunteers are carefully matched to families according to their skills, experience and personal qualities.
Cognition and learning needs
Yes, volunteers are carefully matched to families according to their skills, experience and personal qualities.
Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
Yes, volunteers are carefully matched to families according to their skills, experience and personal qualities.
Sensory needs
Yes, volunteers are carefully matched to families according to their skills, experience and personal qualities.
Physical needs
Yes, volunteers are carefully matched to families according to their skills, experience and personal qualities. Volunteers are unable to provide direct physical care for children but aim to enable and assist parents.
Specific or complex health needs
Yes, volunteers are carefully matched to families according to their skills, experience and personal qualities. Volunteers are not qualified carers or nurses and are unable to provide direct physical care for children but aim to enable and assist parents.
Categories of need
Complex health needs, Mild Learning Difficulty / Disability, Moderate Learning Difficulties/ Disability (MLD), Severe Learning Difficulties/ Disability (SLD), Mild Speech and Language difficulty, Moderate Speech and Language difficulty, Severe Speech and Language difficulty, SpLD (Specific learning Difficulties), Mobility Disabilities, Angelman Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Communication needs (Speech, Language and Communication), Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Down Syndrome, Social, Mental and Emotional Health, Visual Impairment, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, Spina Bifida, Challenging Behaviour, Personal Care Needs, Fragile X, Global Development Delay
Age ranges
0-2, 3-4, 5-7, 8-11
Who we provide for
Service availability
Year round; daytime Mon to Fri - limited after school availability; in addition have very limited weekend availability.
What we do
Home-Start provide volunteers with parenting experience to visit families at home for 2-3 hours on a weekly basis. Volunteers are vetted, trained and professionally supervised. The volunteers offer practical and emotional support to families, tailored to the needs of the individual family. The aim is to enable and empower the whole family to meet the needs of the children. Volunteers are carefully matched and provide an consistent reliable trusting relationship for parents and children. The type of weekly support is dependent on the needs of the family and children and is flexible and able to be adapted to changing needs. It can include assistance with attending appointments, play and in out for siblings of children with disabilities, accessing fun activities, supporting parents with building local networks and a listening ear.
Is there a waiting list?
Are there any taster sessions?
Do you need a support worker?
Can you take your support worker with you?
Does parent / carer have to stay?
Is parent / carer allowed to stay?
Can siblings attend?
Staff SEND skills
The Family Support Coordinators have had early support key-working children with disabilities training, have professional qualifications in working with parents and minimum level 3 child care qualifications. The staff at the Family Support Group have minimum level 3 childcare qualifications and attend in-house disability awareness training.Volunteers all attend 40 hours of preparation training including disability awareness, safeguarding and forming helping relationships.All staff attend Local Authority and Home-Start UK Child Protection and Safeguarding training. All staff, Trustees and volunteers attend mandatory annual refresher safeguarding training. We work closely with local health visiting, early support services and children's services in Sutton.Staff regularly access local authority additional and specialist training. We have a programme of bi-monthly workshop/training sessions for volunteers, providing input on a range of issues and dictated by volunteers expressed needs and those of the families they support.
Have staff had safeguarding training in last year?
Staff Disability Awareness trained in last year?
Complaints procedure
Are staff trained in specialist interventions?
Are there staff trained in manual handling?
Assessing child safety
We expect all referrals to be made in written form and to include information about the assessments of children and the impact on their needs. All families are seen at home by the family support coordinator prior to support being offered to discuss the needs and requirements of the children and the family. This is shared with the volunteer providing the direct support. The support is offered within the family home, by one volunteer who is matched to one family. This generally means the parent is present throughout the visit, though we are able to be flexible according to child and family needs and in the past this has included volunteers caring alone for children for a short period and matching more than one volunteer. Our guidelines are that no volunteer should ever be solely responsible for more that two children; guided by children's needs and the volunteers experience and ability. The Family Support Group is subject to weekly risk assessments and adult:child ratios are carefully monitored. Parents stay with their children and there are at least 3 members of staff and three volunteers present. The ratio is 1:3 though 1:1 volunteer support can be provided. The scheme manager is responsible for the supervision of all staff and the implementation of the safeguarding and all other relevant policies. We operate a safer recruitment policy for staff and volunteers.All volunteers receive 6 weekly face to face supervision and complete monthly diary/contact sheets detailing their visits and the support offered.Home-Start UK have robust quality assurance system monitoring the service of the scheme covering all aspects of the organisation. As a London Borough of Sutton commissioned service we are subject to quarterly performance monitoring and reviews by the responsible contracts officer from the local authority. All Trustees, volunteers and staff are enhanced DBS checked and recruited according to Home-Start's safer recruitment policy. All DBS checks are repeated 3 yearly.
Referral routes
Referrals from professionals through the framework should be via a CAF or the Home-Start referral form to panel. Referrals can be made by any professional working with the child/family.Families can self-refer direct to Home-Start. In this instance we will visit a family at home within two weeks to complete a self-referral form, liaise with the professionals involved and if the referral is appropriate the family will then join the waiting list for a service.Referrals for our Family Support Group are direct. Please do contact us directly by phone or email if you are unsure of referral routes/methods or wish to discuss whether we can offer the appropriate or 020 86476501.
Deciding who can use the service
The service is available to families with a pre-school/primary school aged child living in the London Borough of Sutton who is in need of support. As part of the framework for children with disabilities we are commissioned in LOT 1 - Family Resilience.Referrals through the framework will be via panel and the timeframes for allocation of support will be dependent on the availability of an appropriate volunteer. Once a referral has been received the referrer will be informed of likely timescales and kept informed of progress. The family will be contacted directly and visited at home to discuss their needs when we are able to offer a service. Direct referrals are accepted dependent on volunteer availability and staff capacity, the decision is made by the scheme manager in conjunction with the family support coordinator responsible for the waiting list. If we are unable to offer a service due to capacity or the nature of the support needed the referrer will be informed asap and within two weeks. If the referral is direct from a family they will be informed immediately. If we are unable to help within two weeks of referral and it is requested a family are placed on our waiting list we aim to offer a service within two months. The referrer will be informed and contacted for an update when we are able to assist.
Is there a charge for the service?
Yes, No
Payment methods
Direct payments, Care package from LA
We do not have hoist and tracking at the family support group and other support is in the family home. The core service is delivered in the family home. The family support group is delivered at Horizon Church, Assembly Walk, Carshalton.
Accessibility features
Our Service is delivered in the home
Communication methods used
British Sign Language
Respite & Support
Funding and Direct Payments, Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Emotional Well-being, Support groups and Voluntary Organisations, Support and family members
Education and childcare
Childcare & Early yrs
Leisure and play
Things to do, Friendships & relationships
Preparation for adulthood
Parents, siblings and Family carers
Communicating with parents and carers
We meet with families to review the support offered to them every 3 months, this includes us feeding back to parents the changes and progress noted by the volunteer. We use a bespoke monitoring and evaluation system to track progress across identified needs and share this with the family at reviews. We ask parents to complete feedback forms at the conclusion of support. We have two volunteer representatives on our Board of Trustees, feeding in the views of families and volunteers. We communicate general news about the scheme through the website and facebook and use direct mailing to families to inform them of additional services/activities. In the past we have offered parent workshops and holiday activities. We have volunteers with additional language skills who can act as interpreters or be matched directly with families.
Is the service fully accessible?
The main service is delivered in the family home. Our weekly Family Support Group is in a community hall which has wheelchair access and a disabled toilet. Please do feel free to contact us to discuss how we might address specific needs and access issues.
Ensuring inclusion
The core service is one to one within the family home. The volunteer aims to include all the family members dependent on the aims and focus of the support.