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Name of service
Commissioned by The London Borough of Sutton
6 Whitman Court
St Georges Grove
SW17 0FZ
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Lilian Cooper
About the service
Helping siblings of young people with autism and their families.
Overview of the service
We aim to find siblings the support and recognition they deserve, to help families to develop the strength to work together, and to advise schools as to how they can better provide for their sibling pupils.
We offer:
* Programmes of weekly sessions to support brothers and sisters to connect and share with others in a similar position to themselves
* Specialised childcare / respite opportunities for young people with autism and their family members
* Workshops offering practical strategies and advice for families and carers
* Schools training to increase sibling support in mainstream settings
* Practical home-based appointments to offer customised techniques
* Work promoting awareness of the need for increased sibling support nationwide.
Communication and interaction needs
We are trained in :
Makaton (advanced), PECS, TacPac, Intensive Interaction, Speech and Language Therapy, Developing Attention and Engagement, Use of Puppets.
Cognition and learning needs
We are trained in :
The Teacch Approach, Early Years SEN, The Incredible 5-Point Scale, Social Stories, Interactive Storytelling, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Pivotal Response Treatment, Improving Focus and Attention, Primary Curriculum Teaching, Cornerstones.
Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
We are trained in :
Team Teach - Risk Reduction and Physical Intervention, Dramatherapy, Music Therapy, Drumming Therapy, Engagement and Communication, Out and About, Behaviour Management, Safeguarding.
Sensory needs
We are trained in :
Sensory Processing Difficulties, Selective Eating, Toilet Training, Sleep Problems, TacPac, Messy Play.
Physical needs
We are trained in :
Personal Care, Hyper/Hypo Sensitivity, Spatial Awareness, Hypermobility, Use of Wheelchairs.
Specific or complex health needs
We are trained in :
Use of Epipen, Anaphylactic Shock, Epilepsy, Gluten Intolerance, Asthma, Enteral Feeding.
Categories of need
Mild Learning Difficulty / Disability, Moderate Learning Difficulties/ Disability (MLD), Mild Speech and Language difficulty, Moderate Speech and Language difficulty, Severe Speech and Language difficulty, Communication needs (Speech, Language and Communication), Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Social, Mental and Emotional Health, Challenging Behaviour, Personal Care Needs
Age ranges
3-4, 5-7, 8-11, 12-15, 16-18
Who we provide for
Service availability
Term Time, Holidays, Mornings, Afternoons and Evenings
What we do
At RainbowSibs we aim to work within communities, within schools and within family homes to promote open and positive communication about living with autism.

We work with siblings, their peers, school staff, family members and their friends.

We are able to provide specialist childcare enabling opportunities for respite, and support to better equip wider family and friends to play an active role in the support and care of families.

We offer information workshops to increase awareness, training to develop skills and practical sessions to increase confidence.

“Its a place where I can go and relax and not worry about anything. I found it difficult saying what it’s like with my brother, what’s changing in me is the bravery to talk.”
— RainbowSib
Is there a waiting list?
Are there any taster sessions?
Do you need a support worker?
Can you take your support worker with you?
Does parent / carer have to stay?
Is parent / carer allowed to stay?
Can siblings attend?
Staff SEND skills

Southwark Theatre Education Partnership - Lead professional for Sibling Support, National Conference 2013
National Autistic Society - Sutton Branch Founder and Branch Officer, 2012 – 2014
National Autistic Society - Family Rights Project Associate, 2011 – 2012
RainbowSibs - Founder, Coordinator and Workshop Leader, 2010 – ongoing
Rainbow ASD Base, Green Wrythe Primary School - Autism Specialist Teacher UPS, 2009 – 2015
Linden Bridge School - ASD Teaching Assistant, 2007 – 2008
Private Family - Specialist ASD Child Carer, 2007 – 2008
Select Education Plc. - ASD Teaching Assistant, 2005 – 2006


Qualified Teacher Status - General Teaching Council, 2009
2:1 BA Drama Hons - University of Hull, 2002


Makaton Communication – Advanced Level (Makaton)
Team Teach – Risk Reduction and physical interventions (Team Teach)
TacPac – Sensory Alignment using Touch and Music (TacPac)
PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS-UK)
Intensive Interaction – Communication and Engagement (Interact)
Safeguarding - (London Borough of Sutton)
How to Run a Sibling Group - (Sibs UK)
The TEACCH Approach - (National Autistic Society)
The Incredible 5-Point Scale - (Kari Dunn Buron)
Family, Education and Welfare Rights - (National Autistic Society)
The Little Group Approach - (Judy Gilham/Gina Davies)
Speech and Language / Occupational / Drama / Music / Drumming Therapies.
Have staff had safeguarding training in last year?
Staff Disability Awareness trained in last year?
Complaints procedure
Are staff trained in specialist interventions?
Are there staff trained in manual handling?
Assessing child safety
* Fully DBS Checked
* Proven track record of staff working professionally in the field of autism and education for 10 years
* Promise of professional standards of childcare and mentoring
* Testimonals available from other users of the services - children, their parents and professionals.
Referral routes
Contact RainbowSibs directly
Deciding who can use the service
A member of the committee will usually wish to speak with you directly once you have made contact to discuss your needs.
Is there a charge for the service?
Payment methods
Direct payments, Personal budgets, Care package from LA, Own funds
Our service is delivered in family homes or in the local community dependent on need.

School based training will be on the school site.

Sibling groups will run in local community venues which will be identified with the support of the local authority or National Autistic Society Branch.
Accessibility features
Secure environment, Time out / quiet area, Our Service is delivered in the home
Communication methods used
Signs and symbols, AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication), Makaton, PECS
Respite & Support
Respite & Short Breaks, Funding and Direct Payments, Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Emotional Well-being, Support groups and Voluntary Organisations, Support and family members
Education and childcare
SEN Support, Childcare & Early yrs, Learning from home, Schools, Colleges & Post 16
Leisure and play
Clubs & activities, Things to do, Holidays, Friendships & relationships
Preparation for adulthood
Getting involved, Parents, siblings and Family carers, Staying healthy, Getting around, Travel training
Communicating with parents and carers
* Contact via website / email / post / telephone

* Leaflets available on request

Website :
Email :
Post : 6 Whitman Court, St Georges Grove, SW17 0FZ
Telephone : 07971 325757
Is the service fully accessible?
Dependent on venue used / hired for purpose
Ensuring inclusion
Discussion with families, schools, local authorities and individuals will ensure fair consideration to involvement and accessibility.

Continual response to feedback to ensure best practice.