Social care - Royal Association for Deaf people

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Name of service
Royal Association for Deaf people
Commissioned by The London Borough of Sutton
Century House South
Riverside Office Centre
North Station Road
Colchester, Essex

Journey Planner

Daniel Clements
0845 688 2525
http://The Royal Association for Deaf people
About the service
We promote equality for Deaf people through the provision of accessible services.
Overview of the service
We provide a wide range of services for young Deaf people, including; activities and events, one-one support and family sign projects (sessions to support and develop family communication skills).
Communication and interaction needs
We provide support for Deaf children and young people to access the wide range of services we have on offer.
Cognition and learning needs
Deafness is the main disability for our clients, however we aim to best meet the requirements of any clients with any additional needs.
Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
Our one-one support enables Deaf people to develop social skills, and encourages them to become a part of the community allowing them to build relationships, therefore reducing feelings of isolation, which, if not supported can lead to emotional and mental health difficulties.
Sensory needs
Children and young people with any hearing impairment are able to benefit from our services. We aim to match their preferred communication needs, through BSL -British Sign Language, SSE - Sign Supported English, or spoken English.
Physical needs
Through reasonable adjustment we aim to ensure that individuals with any physical needs are able participate in all activities.
Specific or complex health needs
Where the administration or use of specific medical equipment is required, further discussion will be had with parents/ carers.
Categories of need
Communication needs (Speech, Language and Communication), Hearing Impairment
Age ranges
0-2, 3-4, 5-7, 8-11, 12-15, 16-18, 18-20, 20-25
Who we provide for
Service availability
Throughout the year.
What we do
Our activities and events are accessible to a wide range of children and young people, there may however be certain restrictions in place dependant on the centres rules and regulations e.g. age.

Our activities and events cover day trips and residentials. They can take place during school holidays, term time and/or weekends. Examples of activities include; Day trip to Paris, Harry Potter Studio tour, activity centres, sailing residential and scuba diving.

Young people may also benefit from attending weekly term time youth club sessions open to young Deaf people across all London Boroughs. The youth club is a setting for young Deaf people to socialise and participate in stimulating activities and workshops.

One-One support enables young people to receive specialist one-one support from RAD staff where together they are able to set out targets and goals to achieve together. This enables young people to build on their skills and improve their access to the wider world.

Family sign project provides families with set sessions to build on the family relationship as well as communication skills through fun and stimulating activities.
Is there a waiting list?
Are there any taster sessions?
Do you need a support worker?
Can you take your support worker with you?
Does parent / carer have to stay?
Is parent / carer allowed to stay?
Can siblings attend?
Staff SEND skills
Staff themselves are Deaf or have experience with Deafness. Depending on the staff's abilities some are Native sign language users, others will have received appropriate training.
Have staff had safeguarding training in last year?
Staff Disability Awareness trained in last year?
Complaints procedure
Are staff trained in specialist interventions?
Are there staff trained in manual handling?
Assessing child safety
We follow a rigorous policy and procedure approach where all services are reviewed in detail and risk assessments are obtained. We have a line of safe guarding officers to deal with any issues that may arise.
All staff undertake regular training to ensure that they are able to deliver the service in the most effective way.
Referral routes
Referrals can be made directly to RAD and will be passed on to the Children, Families and Transition team. The team will take down details of the child/young person/ family to ensure they are kept up to date with all of our activities and services.
Deciding who can use the service
Events and activities are done on a first come first served basis through booking and payments. Certain events may come with restrictions for varies reasons (these will be displayed clearly on marketing materials).

One-One work and Family sign projects will be decided upon the request depending if an appropriate staff member can be matched to the requirements.
Is there a charge for the service?
Payment methods
Direct payments, Personal budgets, Care package from LA, Own funds
Sutton residents would be able to access and to take part in London activities and services.

We operate Deaf Clubs in Attlee Youth and Community Centre (near Liverpool Street Station).
Accessibility features
Wheelchair Access, Accessible toilets, Secure environment, Sensory adaptations (such as colour scheme), Sensory room or area, Time out / quiet area, Accessible changing area, Low stimulus environment, Soft play facility, Physical adaptations (such as hand rails), Our Service is delivered in the home
Communication methods used
Signs and symbols, British Sign Language, Sign supported English
Respite & Support
Respite & Short Breaks, Funding and Direct Payments, Emotional Well-being, Advocacy, Support groups and Voluntary Organisations, Support and family members
Education and childcare
In school therapies, Schools, Transition
Leisure and play
Clubs & activities, Things to do, Holidays, Sport & fitness, Friendships & relationships
Preparation for adulthood
Getting involved, Independent living, Parents, siblings and Family carers, University and work, Staying healthy, Money, Getting around, Being an adult, Travel training
Communicating with parents and carers
We take on board feedback and ideas from Parents, children and young people and plan events according to expressions of interest.
We welcome all to contact us in their preferred method, e.g. e-mail, phone, text or Skype.
Is the service fully accessible?
Wheelchair accessibility, auditory and visual environment, disabled changing and toilet facility will be dependent on the venue of the activity.

Certain venues may provide rooms or spaces for those with additional needs

We will provide venue details in advance. if we are informed of specific requirements we will research prior to the event to ensure these can be met.

Depending on the type of service required this could be in the home or out in the community.

Upon receiving knowledge prior to the event of specific needs we can ensure that adjustments are made to allow users with learning disabilities to fully benefit and participate.

Please feel free to contact us in advance to discuss your specific needs and we will work with you to resolve any access issues as far as possible.

we strive to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made to allow all to participate.
Ensuring inclusion
Staff will encourage all young people to participate in the activity and in needed will provide additional support to ensure they can fully participate.