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Conversion of Statements / LDAs into Education Health and Care Plans

Conversion Plan for converting Statements to EHCPs

SEN statements requiring conversion to Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans must be conducted between 1 September 2014 and 1 April 2018 through an Education, Health and Care needs assessment. The conversions will be carried out as a planned, gradual process and will generally take place at a key stage, such as prior to a transfer to a new school. It is these statements that are the Local Authority’s (LA) priority to convert.

The LA must finalise an EHC plan, where one is needed, within 20 weeks of the notification to the parent / young person that they are carrying out an EHC needs assessment. If there are any changes to the conversion timescale for your child, we will inform you separately.

Conversion plan targeting pupils by year group (September 2016):


Your child’s year group as of September 2016:

The academic year the SEN statement will be converted:


Nursery 1

Conversion completed

Nursery 2

Conversion completed



Conversion completed






Conversion completed









Conversion completed












Conversion completed





The priority transition year groups for conversion from a statement to an EHCP this academic year (1 September 2015 - 31 July 2016) are as follows;

Year 6 - 15 February 2016

Year 11 and Year 14 - 31 March 2016

Year 2 - 31 July 2016

Starting the conversion process for children and young people with SEN Statements
At the start of the process of changing your child’s statement to a plan, your child’s head teacher / SENCo will make contact to invite you, and where appropriate, your child and the key professionals involved, to the Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment meeting. A Local Authority SEN case officer will also attend this meeting.

The Local Authority will notify you and the head teacher of the school in question, at least two weeks before the meeting takes place.

We will use the most recent annual review paperwork and information from the meeting, together with any additional reports sought, if appropriate, to write a draft EHC plan for you to consider.

You will have 15 days in which to consider the draft EHC Plan and to request any amendments / revisions. The Local Authority will then issue an amended draft document, if required, and it must finalise the EHC Plan within a period of 20 weeks.

The local authority will ensure that it commences the EHC needs assessment by 1 October 2017 at the very latest for those children or young people with statements for whom the process has not already begun by that date.

If an EHC conversion is not agreed
Should the Local Authority (LA) decide not to issue an EHC plan for your child / young person who previously had a SEN statement, the LA will notify you / the young person within 10 weeks of the start of the EHC needs assessment process. Under these circumstances, the statement of SEN will not be ceased until the end of the period that you, or the young person can consider mediation and register an appeal with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SEND), or if an appeal is registered:

  • until the Tribunal upholds the Local Authority’s decision, or
  • until an EHC plan is secured following an order by the Tribunal.

Exceptions to transfer within timescale
The Local Authority (LA) is not governed by the designated timetable of conversion when;

  • It is prevented from commencing an EHC needs assessment because of an ongoing appeal to the SEND Tribunal in relation to a SEN Statement, or
  • It is unable to complete the EHC needs assessment due to the following;

- The LA has requested advice from an early year’s provider, school or post-16 institution which is closed for a period of more than four weeks (providing the request was made one week or less in advance of it closing)

- Exceptional personal circumstances which affect your child, you, or the young person during that time period

- Your child, you, or the young person is absent from the Local Authority area for a continuous period of four weeks or more during that period.

Post-16 Statements
The Local Authority is required this academic year to convert SEN statements to EHC plans prior to young people transferring from schools (including those changing school sixth forms) to a post-16 institution or an apprenticeship (including those leaving custody). The conversion deadline for these young people is 31 March 2016.

Advice and support on the process
If you would like to know more about these changes, you can talk to your child’s school / placement / provision, or your child’s SEN case officer.

The government has produced useful information about these changes.

Further advice and support can be obtained from:

Sutton Information, Advice and Support (IAS) Service, (formerly Sutton Parent Partnership), 020 8770 4541,

Any updates / revisions to the conversion plan will be published at least annually.

Starting the conversion process for young people with LDAs
For young people (up to the age of 25) in further education and training that are supported by a Learning and Disability Assessment (LDA), the local authority is governed by a two year conversion timescale to re-assess ongoing needs and the establishment of an EHC plan, where necessary. The deadline for all agreed conversions is 1 September 2016.

For those young people who do not intend to continue in further education or training, they can choose to either:

  • Continue to receive their support as a result of their LDA (where it is still required) until the end of their time in further education or training, or until 1 September 2016 whichever comes first, or
  • Request an EHC needs assessment.

Further education and training providers should support Local Authorities by making sure their students, and parents / carers on behalf of the young person, are aware of their right to request an EHC plan.

Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDAs) for young people who are Post 16 and in further education or training will be

phased out by 1 September 2016.

The expectation is that those young people in further education or training who had an LDA and remain in further education or training during the transition period, who request and need an EHC plan, will be issued with one.

Where this is the case, a new EHC assessment will be undertaken.  This will include evidence of the action already being taken by the post-16 institution to meet the young person’s needs.  The EHC assessment process must be completed within 20 weeks.

If the young person is aged over 18, the Local Authority must consider whether the young person requires additional time, in comparison to the majority of others of the same age who do not have special educational needs, to complete their education or training.

Remaining in formal education or training should help young people to achieve their education and training outcomes, building on what they have learned before and prepare them for adult life.  The LA is now working with FE and training providers to ensure that all young people with an LDA have an annual review and/or a discussion about the need for an EHC needs assessment.  This will help the LA understand who should be prioritised for an EHC needs assessment.  The annual review or discussion will consider the views of the young person about:

  • The young person’s progress towards the outcomes specified in the LDA.
  • The appropriateness of continued access to further education or training to achieve their goals.
  • The need for any additional support for the young person to access their learning programme.

The programme for converting LDAs to EHCP’s is in process and started at the beginning of the summer term 2015.

Further advice can be sought from the contacts noted above, under advice and support on the process.