Frequently asked questions

Who requests an EHC Needs Assessment

Usually a school or college makes the request, but parents/carers, or the young person themselves if they are aged between 16 and 25 years old, can ask the Local Authority directly. Please find a template letter that parents/carers or young people can use to request a EHC Needs Assessment themselves.

Whether it is the school or the family that makes the request, it is important that they keep the other partner informed. The Local Authority will expect a meeting to have taken place between the parents/carers and the school or setting to discuss the SEND provision already being provided for the child or young person and their current rate of progress. When considering if a EHC Needs Assessment is necessary, the Local Authority will require evidence and evaluation of the SEND provision already made.  The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Panel Terms of Reference 2016 can be found in policies.