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Priority routes

Between November and March each year, we keep a very close eye on Met Office road surface condition forecasts to help us decide when we need to send our gritters out. Twitter users can follow our dedicated Sutton Gritting Updates page for the latest gritting information. 

Responsibility for gritting the borough’s roads is split between Sutton Council and Transport for London:

  • Transport for London - responsible for gritting ‘Red Routes’ in the borough (the A24, the A217 and the A232) 

  • Sutton Council - responsible for the remainder of the road network


It isn't possible to grit all the roads in the borough, so we take a risk-based approach focusing our resources on high priority routes. These are:

  • the main transport routes,

  • areas outside schools,

  • roads with GP surgeries, health centres and care homes

  • high streets 


We also work with our recycling and waste collections team to try and grit roads where collections are due to take place.

The interactive map below shows the two priority (precautionary) routes in the borough along with the Red Routes that are treated by Transport for London.


This interactive map can also be found as a PDF.

While this map gives an indication of the roads we grit during winter, all roads are individually assessed according to their ground temperature and certain roads may be prioritised over others.