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Sutton Town Centre Heritage Action Zone (HAZ)

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The Sutton Town Centre Heritage Action Zone (Sutton HAZ) partnership, launched in April 2017, will see Historic England, London Borough of Sutton, Successful Sutton Business Improvement District (BID) and Carshalton and District History and Archaeological Society (CADHAS) work together over three years (2017-2020) to deliver a series of projects that will support local heritage to promote economic growth in Sutton Town Centre.


Sutton Town Centre is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth and the Council has set out our vision in the Sutton Town Centre Masterplan (July 2016). Sutton Council recognises the Town Centre heritage assets as a catalyst to help support economic growth and social vitality of its Metropolitan Town Centre. It was felt necessary that to support the future growth there is a need to enhance Sutton’s local distinctiveness and manage its unique identity.

The Sutton HAZ boundary reflects the Town Centre planning policy designation and covers the same geographical area defined in the Sutton Town Centre Masterplan. However, Sutton HAZ programme includes a number of projects where the wider community and businesses will be actively encouraged to participate.

The High Street Crossroads Conservation Area, which covers a small proportion of the Town Centre boundary, is increasingly under development pressure and identified as ‘Heritage at Risk’, while other locally significant groups of buildings identified in the Masterplan currently do not benefit from any statutory protection.

The planned growth programme for Sutton and potential impact on heritage assets demand a robust research and evidence of understanding the heritage significance in order to inform heritage priorities and positively manage change on major redevelopment sites.

These factors are leading to a deterioration of Sutton’s distinctive local character, parts of which are designated as a conservation area, which contains nationally and locally significant historic buildings. The town centre is also experiencing an unprecedented level of growth that threatens the special local character and other heritage assets. As a consequence of these threats, the High Street Crossroads Conservation Area is on Historic England’s 'Heritage at Risk' Register.

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