Waste collection day change

Changes to recycling and general waste collections (September 2018)

We're making some small but important changes to the way recycling and general waste is collected from some homes in the borough.

The changes will help us make the collection service

  • more reliable,
  • more efficient and
  • improve the quality   

Working together with our neighbouring boroughs in the South London Waste Partnership, we are able to optimise the collection routes. This not only saves money but also means our collection trucks spend less time out on the roads, which is good for the environment and helps minimise local congestion.

Who is affected by the changes to the collection days

The changes will involve around 13,000 properties in the following Wards:

  • Beddington North

  • Beddington South

  • Carshalton Central

  • Carshalton South and Clockhouse

  • St Helier

  • The Wrythe

  • Wallington North

  • Wallington South

  • Wandle Valley

These changes will only affect households with a kerbside collection.  Communal properties will not experience any changes.

 All of the properties involved will receive the following communication:

  • Mid July - early notification

  • Mid August - details of the changes

  • Late August - reminder of the changes

What is going to change about the waste collection?

If you live in one of the properties involved in the changes to the collection service, there are two things that may be different from September:

Changes to collection day

If your recycling and general waste is currently collected on a Saturday, from September it will be collected on a Monday.  

Note: if you subscribe to our Garden Waste Collection Service, there will be no changes to when this service is collected.

Changes to presentation of recycling and waste on collection day

You may be asked to make some small changes to the way you present your recycling and waste for collection for example,

  • placing paper and card out on the same day as general waste

  • plastics, glass, cans and carton on the alternate week.

We will send detailed information about the changes to the properties involved in mid August. This will include a detailed collection calendar confirming your collection day from September and telling what to put out for collection on what days.

What is not changing in September?

We will not be making any changes to:

  • the frequency of collections

  • the range of materials you can recycle

  • or the containers you use to store your recycling and waste

  If you have any questions about the changes being made to waste in September, you could:

  • Wait until you've received the information pack we'll be sending you in mid August.  This will provide lots more information on the changes.

  • Attend a drop-in roadshow event: Thursday 23 August 2018 (12 noon-3pm), Hillcrest Hall, 42 Fryston Avenue, CR5 2PT

  • Call our customer contact centre - 020 8770 5000

Check your first waste collection date

To find your rubbish and recycling collection days, just enter your postcode in our Find my local services tool.