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Conversion of a Civil Partnership to a Marriage

Wedding rings


Couples are now able to convert their Civil Partnership to a Marriage.

The conversion process is administrative in nature and does not require a ceremony, guests or witnesses.  Only the couple need to book an appointment to come to the register office during office hours to complete the conversion and receive any certificates they wish to purchase.  Couples can attend any register office in England and Wales for this process - it doesn't have to be the same place where the civil partnership was formed.

We will ask to see original documents to show your details:

  • Names and ages - passport or birth certificate, along with any name change documents

  • Address - council tax bill or bank statement

  • Your existing civil partnership certificate.

Some couples may choose to have a separate celebration sometime after their conversion appointment by way of commemoration and, as the conversion has already taken place, certificates can be presented at the ceremony or, you can convert using a two stage option where all of the documentation is checked before the ceremony but the signing of the legal document takes place at the ceremony.  If you decide to complete your application and declaration of conversion separately there is an additional fee of £27.00 for this and certificates will not be available on the day of the conversion.

Certificates will show the date of marriage as the original civil partnership date.  These will not be available until after the full conversion process has been completed and you can purchase as many certificates as you like at the statutory fee.


Couples have the opportunity to follow the conversion process with a ceremony to mark the occasion. Have a look at our ceremony rooms.  The fees for our ceremonies are in line with our marriages and renewal of vows as detailed in our fees table depending on your conversion choices.

Please call us if you would like to discuss making a booking to convert your civil partnership to a marriage.

More information can be found on the www.gov.uk website.