Councillor Anti-Bullying Alliance

Anti-bullying alliance logo

The Councillor Anti-Bullying Pledge:

"I back the Anti-Bullying Alliance and pledge to "Choose Respect", reject bullying and lead by example in my actions and interactions as a councillor."

To make sure we are united against bullying, Sutton councillors have made an anti-bullying pledge. Signatories believe in the Anti-Bullying Alliance which means they:

  • believe bullying in any form is wrong and should not be tolerated, and that any environment that encourages bullying, or shows indifference to prejudice and discrimination is unacceptable;
  • believe bullying is a behaviour choice and that anyone can be encouraged to change their behaviour;
  • support a range of positive strategies to deal with bullying and actively challenge the use of humiliation, fear,  ridicule and other similar approaches in an effort to reduce bullying;
  • believe that people should be treated with respect and courtesy.