Community Champions Resources

Welcome community champions of Sutton! 

Being a community champion means using the information, resources and guidance from Sutton Council to amplify key messages through your own channels, in a way that suits you.

Please feel free to share this video with others who may like to get involved and become a Community Champion, like you. 

Watch this video from Cllr Ruth Dombey.


Facebook frames

A selection of profile picture frames to use on your Facebook profile picture.

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Social Media animations 

Three colourful animations, designed to communicate key messages. Use them in the same way as an image or video and upload as part of a Facebook post.

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Vaccine Champions videos 



Vaccine Champions Videos



Vaccine Champions graphics

vaccine champions graphics

Muslim Cultural Welfare Association of Sutton (MCWAS) hosted their second COVID-19 Vaccination hub on Saturday 13 March for those who are eligible for their 1st jab. 

Here is a video from their first vaccination hub. Go to the @mcwas81Facebook page for further information. Please share this video with your network, or via facebook. 

Muslim Cultural Welfare Association of Sutton MCWAS

Community Champions Crib Sheet 

Guidance and information for Community Champions, providing an overview of the Keep Sutton Safe campaign and govornment guidance, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions. 


Self Isolation Guidelines Infographic

A new infographic to provide clear guidelines on what to do if you have symptoms or have a positive test result.

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Keep Sutton Safe A4 Poster & Flyer 

Useful digital leaflets that provide important information about COVID-19 Symptoms, how to get a test and when to self-isolate. Easy to attach to an email when sharing COVID-19 guidance. 

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Social Media Images

Use on social media or send via text.


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Email Signature

A Keep Sutton Safe image to add to your email signature.

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