Council tax and what it pays for

Council Tax is charged each year and applies to all domestic properties, owned or rented (including council properties, mobile homes and houseboats). 

The amount you pay depends on which valuation band your property is in, your personal circumstances and those of other adults living in the same property and how much the council needs to fund its services.

Council tax pays for more than just bin collections or pothole repairs. You help pay for local services, amenities and infrastructure as well as schools, emergency services and much more. So it is important that council tax is paid, in full and on time. Find out more in our council tax information booklet for 2017/18.

How your council tax is calculated 

  1. we estimate how much is needed to run the Council's services. In doing so, we must ensure that our level of expenditure doesn't breach government guidelines, since this could result in capping

  2. the amount the Council is required to collect for the Greater London Authority is added in

  3. amounts are deducted in relation to income received directly from the government Revenue Support Grant which is Sutton's share of the national business rates bad debt provision

  4. the council tax for the year is then calculated, taking into account the number of properties in each band, using detailed government rules