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The London Borough of Sutton is part of the South West London Adoption Consortium.

We work together to recruit adopters to meet the needs of the children in our care.

We are sharing resources and training including information evenings and preparation training groups.

For further information and to enquire about starting your adoption journey, please call us on 0300 222 0022 or 020 8770 4117.

There is general information about adoption here on our website and more can be found at .

Who Can Adopt?

We are looking for adopters who are able to meet the needs of our looked after children. The children will need special nurturing and care to overcome their feelings about their past experiences. Many of our children will have suffered neglect and all have suffered a loss - the loss of their birth family

Children Needing Families

The current situation and exciting plans for the new year...

The Adoption Assessment Process

cartoon of boy with a tent Our target to assess and approve you as an adopter is six months which starts when we receive your application form. This may feel like a long time but there are good reasons; vulnerable children will be coming to live in your home.

The children we are family finding for

These are pen pictures of the children who are currently waiting for an adoptive family. Obviously their names have been changed.

The Matching Process

Once you are approved we will make every effort to match you with an appropriate child. Your social worker will explain how we do this. The age range of the child or children you are looking to adopt will affect the length of time you have to wait.

Questions about adoption

cartoon image of boy with slingshot Some frequently asked questions about adoption.

Adoption support services

If you are an adult who was adopted as a child and would like to find out more information about your adoption records or trace your birth family then Sutton Adoption and Permanence Team can help you.

Step-parent adoption

If you are a step-parent wanting to adopt your step-children we will give you help and advice and support your through the assessment process.

Intercountry adoption

There are many different reasons why you may be considering adopting a child from another country.

How we prioritise the recruitment of adopters

cartoon of boy with a cowboy outfit London Borough of Sutton needs to balance a number of conflicting priorities and issues in the recruitment of adoptive families for looked after children. The overriding priority for recruitment is to meet the needs of Sutton's children requiring placement for adoption. This is not a stable population and the characteristics of children requiring placement may change over time.