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Sponsored Tree Scheme

Sutton offers a service where members of the public can sponsor a tree to be sited in one of the Boroughs Parks.

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Before officers consider accepting a sponsored tree from a member of the public they will have to carry out and agree the following:

  • Arrange a site meeting at the prospective planting site.
  • Agree the final position and species, which are suitable and befitting to the site of choice. In parks and open spaces it is favourable to plant within existing woodlands or copse of trees, and not plant individual trees in formal lawns or open areas. If a suitable location cannot be found or a suitable tree species agreed, then the officer will decline the offer of a sponsored tree. It is more important to consider the tree in the context of protecting and enhancing the park than to accept an offer of a tree just to satisfy an individual member of the public.
  • The tree will be planted at the appropriate time of year (November to February) and at the same time as the remainder of the councils planting schemes.
  • To plant a standard tree, the cost will depend on the type and size of the tree, and the cost includes:
  • The purchase and delivery of the tree.
  • Planting, staking and the supply of any additional top soil or soil conditioners if required.
  • Regular watering of the tree in the first growing season as and when required. The watering is mainly conducted throughout the summer months to ensure successful establishment. Sponsors are encouraged to supplement this during the summer period to give the tree as good a chance as possible.
  • Although the Council endeavour to ensure the successful establishment of every tree planted, unfortunately due to the vulnerable nature of young trees there are inevitably going to be failures. If the tree should fail during the first season from planting the Parks Service will replace the tree during the following season but on one occasion only.
  • Once the tree is planted it becomes the property of the London Borough of Sutton.
  • Plaques on trees are not allowed, large amount of sponsored trees in some of our parks especially the popular ones such as the Grove Park would mean that such plaques would detract from the look of the park. Also the plaques are vulnerable to damage, which can be upsetting for the family. It is important to stress that trees are sponsored for the benefit of the park and although the tree may be purchased to commemorate a family event or to remember a relative, a plaque is a private and individual object that does not enhance the park.
  • Planting of bulbs or bedding around sponsored trees is also not allowed and any floral tributes or other items attached to the tree will be removed, again these items detract from the overall look of the park.