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Sutton Town Centre High Street Crossroads Conservation Area

The Sutton Town Centre High Street Crossroads Conservation Area was designated on 9 May 2011

A review of the heritage assets of Sutton town centre highlighted the historic importance of the highway network at the crossroads of Cheam Road/ Carshalton Road and the High Street, as well as the associated buildings and spaces.  The Conservation Area focuses around the historic crossroads and stretches from the Station down to Trinity Square.

The area has a fascinating history, starting as a rural community which grew rapidly during the Victorian era. By the mid 19th Century, the High Street was a wealthy Victorian shopping parade and many of the original buildings can still be seen today. The buildings, particularly at upper storeys, are worthy of preservation and enhancement. Treasuring and enhancing the unique aspects of the area will help to create:

  • A stronger local identity;
  • Support the regeneration and promotion of Sutton town centre;
  • Encourage visitors and shoppers; and
  • Support retailers and a vibrant town centre.

Follow the link below to view a map showing the extent of the Conservation Area

pdf icon Map of Conservation Area Boundary [72kb]

Character Appraisal Document
Prior to designation, the council produced a character appraisal which informed the process and the proposed Conservation Area boundary.  The character appraisal was approved by the council on 9 May 2011.

The character appraisal sets out the planning policy context, discusses the origins of the area and its development, and describes the character of the area in terms of its buildings, structures and landscape. The document seeks to provide a clear definition of the qualities that make up the Conservation Area and therefore a sound basis for development control decisions:

pdf icon Approved Sutton Town Centre Crossroads Character Appraisal [19Mb]

Public consultation took place from 5 January to 16 February 2011 and the Public Consultation leaflet, the Consultation Report, Schedule of Responses and Adoption Statement can be viewed using the links below.

pdf icon Consultation Leaflet [278kb]
pdf icon Report of Consultation Response [4Mb]
pdf icon Schedule of Responses [32kb]
pdf icon Adoption Statement_STC CA [80kb]

Alternatively these documents are available in Sutton Central Library and the Council Offices in Sutton and Carshalton. For further information regarding the Sutton High Street Crossroads Conservation Area please contact Strategic Planning by email at or telephone the switchboard on 020 8770 5070.