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Written & Online e-Petitions

The council welcomes petitions and recognises that they are one way in which people can let Councillors know of their concerns. All petitions sent or presented to the council will receive an acknowledgement within 7 working days of receipt.

This acknowledgement will set out how the petition will be dealt with. We will treat as a petition anything that is identified as a petition or seems to us that it is intended to be a petition.

Councillors can also present a petition on your behalf to a meeting of the council. Details of when the next Council meeting is can be found in the calendar of meetings. If you would like a councillor to present a petition on your behalf, you need to contact one of them and ask if they would be prepared to do that. Contact details for Councillors, together with the area of the borough they represent can be found using the 'Your Councillors' service.

Petitions that are received at least fourteen days before the date of the appropriate meeting at which they could be considered and that contain the signatures of at least 50 persons whose names and contact addresses are in the borough, will be included on the agenda for that meeting.

A Sutton resident or a spokesperson may talk to the petition for up to 5 minutes when it is considered at that meeting. If the petition is reported to a full Council meeting and would normally be referred to a Committee for consideration and report, then the local resident or spokesperson can choose to address either that full Council meeting or the Committee meeting at which the petition is to be considered.

If you cannot find an answer to your question here, or in the pages below, further help & advice can be obtained by contacting the Democratic Services Team on 020 8770 5120 or emailing