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Information about eBooks and Audiobooks for download to eReaders and other devices

The Sutton Libraries eBook service now provides access to Project Gutenberg, a collection of digitised cultural works

This is a separate collection of eBooks from our main collection provided by OverDrive.

  • The collection contains more than 20,000 titles.
  • You do NOT need to sign in to download these public domain titles.
  • If you hover the cursor over a book cover, additional details will be displayed.
  • Items downloaded from the collection do NOT count against your borrowing limit.
  • Titles in the collection are always available, as there is no restriction on simultaneous access.
  • Titles downloaded from the collection will not expire as they are in the public domain.
  • The collection uses the same Adobe Digital Editions software used to download titles from our OverDrive eBooks.
  • The 'tips' link at the top of the collection provides instructions on how to download these public domain titles.

The Sutton Libraries eBook service is now available.

Download eBooks and Audiobooks to PC or MAC to use, (please note these cannot be downloaded to a library public PC), or transfer to your iPod, MP3 or other portable device. Apps are also available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The OverDrive Media Console, available on the eBook service will permit downloads of eBooks and Audiobooks to iPhone and Android devices.

Please refer to the "Getting Started" and "Guided Tour" before using the service unless you have used another library authority's OverDrive eBook service before.

The OverDrive compatibility page provides details of eReaders and other devices that are able to download EPUB & PDF eBooks. It is important to note that the Kindle eReader is currently not compatible.

Please also note that there are publisher restrictions in the titles that libraries are able to provide with some publishers currently refusing to permit libraries to lend their titles. We will advise of changes in this policy as soon as any information is available.

To download titles you must select the "Sign In" option at the top of the web page using your Library Card Number and PIN. You may borrow up to 4 items for 7, 14 or 21 days. Personalized default lending periods for titles, format-by-format may be set once you are signed in by selecting the "My eAccount > Lending Periods" option.

If you have any queries regarding the service please use the OverDrive Help option, and if this does not answer your query please ask a member of staff in any Sutton Library.