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Brown wheeled bins - Waste collection and disposal

Waste disposal and collection, extra sacks to place beside your bin, order new or replacement bins.

The Council uses brown wheeled bins for the collection of non recyclable waste. A charge of £29 is made supplying these bins unless the Council has itself damaged them during collections.

Missed collection This link opens in a new browser windowThe wheeled bins issued are usually 140 litres in size, holding about two black sacks of waste. It doesn't sound a lot but please remember that half of your waste can be recycled, (newspapers, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles) in your green wheeled bin.

Larger 240 litre brown wheeled bins are only available under exceptional circumstances. To find out more please contact our Call Centre on 020 8770 5070.

When are my bins collected?

To find out which day of the week your collection takes place, please input your postcode into the 'My Local Services' to the right of this page. 

Please note: On your bin collection day, your non-recyclable waste needs to be visibly placed at the edge of your property before 6am and until 8.30pm.

Is your brown bin too big?

As many of you are recycling more, you may find that your brown bin is now too big. We have two sizes available - 140 and 240 litres. If you have a 240 litre bin and you don't fill it anymore let us know, and we'll collect it from you and replace it with a smaller bin.

Please note:

Bank Holiday Collections: May and August Bank Holiday Mondays are normal collection days for brown and green wheeled bin services. Any changes to other public holidays will be noted on our website or advertised in the local press when they arise or you can contact our Call Centre on tel. 020 8770 5070 for more details.  

Garden waste must not be put in your brown wheeled bin. Garden waste will only be collected in the special green waste sacks.  

Wheeled bins are not practical for some addresses and the Council allows residents living in these properties to use black sacks which can be purchased from supermarkets. Each week, we will collect a maximum of 2 black sacks from each of these homes unless there are special circumstances.

Missed Collections need to be reported by the following day. Our aim is to collect the missed waste within 2 days (not including Sundays). Please make sure your bin is left outside for collection

Extra Side Waste
Extra sacks of waste placed at the side of the brown wheeled bins will not be collected unless it is placed in special blue sacks that can be purchased for £2 per sack from the Council. If you do not have a brown wheeled bin we will collect a maximum of 2 sacks unless there are exceptional circumstances. Please contact our Call Centre on 020 8770 5070 if you need to arrange for more than 2 sacks to be collected.