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Combining Premiums

Please see here for information on combining premiums.

There are a small number of ways of getting more than one premium. Disabled child premium, carer premium and severe disability premium can be added to any other premiums. The family premium can be added to any other premium except the family premium (lone parent). You can only get the severe disability premium if you also get the disability premium or the higher pensioner premium.

Even if you qualify for more than one of the following premiums you will only be able to get the highest:

  • the family premium (lone parent)
  • or the pensioner premium
  • or disability premium
  • or enhanced pensioner premium
  • or higher pensioner premium
  • or bereavement premium.

The enhanced disability premium cannot be awarded to a couple or person getting a pensioner premium but can be awarded for a dependent child/young person who is entitled to it.

If you are a lone parent and get a disability premium or a pensioner premium you will get the family premium instead of the family premium (lone parent).