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Premiums for Pensioners

Please see here for information on premiums for pensioners.

Premiums for pensioners will no longer be awarded for the majority of people aged 60 or over. The new personal allowances have been increased to include these premiums.

However, for people receiving Income Support or Jobseeker's Allowance, where they or their partner are aged 60 or over, the allowances awarded will be those for people under 60. In these cases customers will still be entitled to the appropriate pensioner premium listed below.

There are three types of premium in this group - the pensioner premium, the enhanced pensioner premium and the higher pensioner premium.

Pensioner Premium

You will qualify for a pensioner premium if you or your partner are aged 60-74.

Enhanced pensioner premium

You will qualify for the enhanced pensioner premium if you or your partner are aged 75-79.

Higher pensioner premium

This premium will be awarded when you or your partner are aged 80 or older. It will also be awarded if you or your partner are aged 60 and over and either of you is blind or receiving one of the qualifying benefits. If you were getting the disability premium within eight weeks of your 60th birthday, you will go straight on to the higher pensioner premium when you reach age 60.

If you stop being registered blind and this was the only way you could be awarded higher pensioner premium instead of the pensioner premium, you will still be treated as blind and you will continue to get the higher pensioner premium until 28 weeks after you stop being registered blind.

If a qualifying benefit like the long-term rate of Incapacity Benefit is stopped because of your age or because State Pension is put into payment instead, the higher pensioner premium will not be affected.