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Tree team and what we do

Introducing the tree team

Tree 7

Ben Morris - Senior Arboricultural and Woodlands Officer. Tel 020 8770 4789. Email:

Covering St Helier, The Wrythe, Carshalton, Beddington, Wallington and Clockhouse

Nick Scott - Arboricultural and Woodlands Officer. Tel  020 8770 4229. Email:

Covering Worcester Park, Stonecot, Nonsuch, Sutton, Cheam and Belmont

Emergency out of hour's service tel 020 8770 5000

What we do:

1      Inspect the tree stock for condition, health and safety for the following council sections:

SectionFrequency of Inspections
HighwaysFour yearly (see highways cyclical programme below)
ParksFour yearly
CemeteriesFour yearly
AllotmentsFour yearly
HousingTwo yearly
SchoolsAnnual (for those schools who have bought into the inspection service)
Social ServicesAs requested
Car ParksAs requested








Carshalton Central

Sutton West

Wallington North

Beddington South

& Clockhouse


St Helier

The Wrythe

Sutton North

Beddington North


Worcester Park


Sutton Central

Wallington South


& Clockhouse

Sutton South

Wandle Valley

The above schedule is accurate as from 01/11/2010, however this schedule is subject to change where financial restrictions are applied.

2      Respond to enquiries from all stakeholders. These include:

  • Public
  • Councillors
  • Parks Staff
  • Insurance section
  • Friends groups
  • Parks users
  • Users of the sites involved for work or learning purposes
  • People with business affected by the trees.
  • Residents and residents groups
  • Tree wardens
  • Heritage and Libraries
  • Children and Young People's Learning Services
  • Sutton Housing Partnership
  • Highways Section

3    Organising cyclical program of inspections and tree works.

4    Maintain cyclical program using best practice to minimise the amount of responsive works required (despite wide range of pressures and demands).

5    Provide a 24hr emergency service.

6    Monitoring contractors.

7    Manage tree stock in accordance with good Arboricultural practice.

8    Organising tree planting to replace stock lost on cyclical, urgent or emergency works and try to increase the tree stock by planting the right tree in the right place.

9    Maintain a general presumption against the removal of healthy trees wherever possible.

10    To promote trees within the Borough.

11    Organising the Tree Warden scheme.

Timescales and level of response to enquiries

Emergency work - (within 24 hours) Contact 020 8770 5000 out of hours

  • Felling an unstable tree.
  • Removing a broken or hanging limb overhanging a road, footpath or right of way.
  • Removing a tree, or part of a tree, fallen and causing an obstruction to a road, footpath or major right of way.

Urgent works - (within 8 weeks)

  • Pruning or felling a tree causing damage to a neighbour's property.
  • Pruning a tree as agreed the insurance section to mitigate claims against the Council.
  • Tree branches that touch property.
  • Dead trees if deemed not to be an immediate threat to people or property.

Routine work (trees on the 3 yearly cyclical programme)

  • Crown lifting to clear roads and footpaths and rights of way.
  • Crown thinning to allow more light to nearby properties.
  • Crown reducing to cut back overhang to neighbouring properties.
  • Hanging branches in a park or open space.
  • Pruning trees away from street furniture such as telephone lines and streetlights.
  • Stump removal.