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Assessing Your Needs

  • What Are The Stages of Assessment?
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  • Directing My Own Support

    Gone are the days of a 'one size fits all' approach where people had to choose from a set number of available options. Self-Directed Support means that by offering you a personal budget and the option of managing your own money, you will be able to have more choice over how to meet your needs.

    If you are enquiring about social care support for the first time you can contact the Council and ask for more information. You can do this at any time. Call the Peoples Contact Centre on 0208 770 6080.

    What Are The Stages of Assessment?

    Green Question Mark Icon Details of what might happen once you contact us regarding Social Services Support:

    Assessment Documents That You Can Print

    Adult Social Services Strategies, Plans and Policies
  • Supported Self Assessment for Citizens
  • Supported Self Assessment for Carers
  • Support Plan

  • Direct Payments

    An Image of someone giving another person some money - a Direct payment
  • What is a Direct Payment?
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  • Direct Payments For Disabled People