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Admission and Discharge from Hospital

Couple in hospital

Admission and Discharge from Hospital

If you are admitted to hospital and have support services ask family members, carers or the ward staff to contact the provider or the Hospital Social Work Team to suspend services.

Some people in hospital may need temporary support when returning home. Where appropriate, you will be assessed by a social worker or community care assessor to identify any needs, and those of your carers if you have one as part of making plans for your discharge from hospital.

We can give you advice and information on other services available, if you do not qualify for our own services, or you decide to arrange your own.

On completion of the assessment if you are eligible for a support, you may wish to arrange the service yourself or through a friend, carer or voluntary organisation, using money from us. This is known as a direct payment, this means that you have greater flexibility in managing and meeting your needs.

If you want us to arrange services, we will work closely with those in the hospital, other health services, and the voluntary and private sectors to make sure that your discharge from hospital is safe and timely.

For more information speak to hospital staff or please ring First Contact on 0208 770 6080