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Pre-Application Planning Advice

The Council welcomes and encourages all applicants to seek advice before submitting planning applications which will enable you to acquire clear, impartial professional advice, at an early stage, regarding any key issues, such as principle of the development, design, the impact on adjoining occupiers and the need for any legal agreements or contributions towards local infrastructure or community facilities that should be addressed prior to submitting a formal development proposal.

This advice should help to prevent unacceptable schemes from entering the formal planning process and result in a clear and concise development proposal on which to make comments. This can assist in speeding up the determination of your planning application and improve the quality of the development proposal.

How to Apply

Choose your service

Choose the service you would like to apply for using the link below, here you will find details of service, cost and timescale.

pdf icon Pre-Application Service Summary Sheet [18kb]

What do I need to provide?

  • Covering letter detailing the proposal
  • Site Plan
  • Fee
  • Existing drawings/photos
  • Proposal drawings
  • Any other documents or relevance

How to pay?

How to submit?