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Site Development Policies DPD: Proposed Submission Stage

The Council is preparing a Development Plan Document which will identify detailed policies and future development sites to help implement the Core Planning Strategy.

The Site Development Policies 'Proposed Submission' was published in January 2010, with a  six week period to make representations from Wednesday 27th January 2010 until 5pm on Wednesday 10th March 2010 (Now Closed). These will then be passed on to an independent Planning Inspector to prepare for the Examination. At this stage comments must relate to the 'soundness' and or legal compliance of the document. These are explained in the notes that accompany the pdf icon representations form [52kb]. Submissions that are not properly made may be discounted by the Inspector who will be examining the documents.

pdf icon Site Development Policies Proposed Submission: Main Document [6Mb]
pdf icon Appendix 1 (Part 1): Improving the Street Scene and Living Environment [4Mb]
pdf icon Appendix 1 (Part 2): Improving the Street Scene and Living Environment [4Mb]
pdf icon Appendix 2: Achieving Environmental Sustainability [5Mb]
pdf icon Appendix 3: Sustainable Transport and Accessibility [3Mb]
pdf icon Appendix 4: Developing Active, Healthy, Inclusive Communities [3Mb]
pdf icon Appendix 5: Encouraging Enterprise and Employment & Appendices 6 to 9 [2Mb]
pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal Report [4Mb]
pdf icon Statement of Consultation [1Mb]
pdf icon Statement of Representations Procedure [29kb]

If you would like to view the Adopted UDP Proposals Map, please  scroll down to 'Proposals Map' and follow the instructions.

Supporting Documents, Evidence Base Studies and Reports:
Report of Studies (4)
pdf icon Section 1: Introduction [415kb]
pdf icon Section 2: Borough Profile [954kb]
pdf icon Section 3: Housing [291kb]
pdf icon Section 4: Employment [226kb]
pdf icon Section 5: Town Centres [4Mb]
pdf icon Section 6: Open Environment and Nature Conservation [87kb]
pdf icon Section 7: Built and Historic Environment [159kb]
pdf icon Section 8: Climate Change, Flood Risk and Sustainable Waste Management [1Mb]
pdf icon Section 9: Transport [1Mb]
pdf icon Section 10: Community and Leisure Facilities [461kb]

pdf icon Natural England correspondence on Appropriate Assessment Screening (Habitats Directive) [23kb]
pdf icon Equalities Impact Assessment [1Mb]
pdf icon Public Notice [56kb]
pdf icon Newspaper Advertisement [344kb]
pdf icon Sequential Test [2Mb]
pdf icon Statement of Representation [4Mb]

A comprehensive list of all reports of study and other background documents making up Sutton's LDF evidence base, including Borough surveys undertaken by the Council or by consultants on behalf of the Council, is available in the Core Planning Strategy - Examination Library.

Earlier Stages of the Site Development Policies DPD
Details of all previous stages of public consultation on the Site Development Policies DPD can be viewed via the links below:
At the first stage of producing the document, the Council consulted on an "Issues and Options" paper in January-February 2008.

Site Developmnet Policies: Preferred Options Stage (February 2009)
Site Development Policies: Issues and Options Stage (February 2008)