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Orchard Hill Planning Brief SPD

A Planning Brief for the Orchard Hill site, Carshalton (former Queen Mary's Hospital) has been prepared by consultants on behalf of the Council in the form of a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

Public consultation on the draft Orchard Hill SPD took place for nine weeks between 17th July and 17th September 2007, and the final Orchard Hill SPD, incorporating a number of amendments made in the light of public consultation, was approved by the Council's Executive on 6th November 2007.

The Orchard Hill SPD sets out the Council's planning guidance for the future development of the site, which is identified as a 'major developed site' within the Green Belt in the  (UDP). Two alternative development options are envisaged, one comprising housing development and a relocated school and the other comprising housing development only. The SPD also assesses the key issues affecting the Orchard Hill site and the opportunities for, and constraints on, future development in relation to topography and views, heritage, vegetation, nature conservation and biodiversity.

The Orchard Hill SPD supplements the Council's planning policies in the adopted UDP and forms part of Sutton's emerging Local Development Framework (LDF) and will be used as a material consideration when determining planning applications.

The adopted Orchard Hill SPD and supporting documents are available below.

Orchard Hill SPD (November 2007)
pdf icon Front and Back Cover [162kb] (PDF - 163 KB)
pdf icon Section 1: Introduction [379kb] (PDF - 380 KB) 
pdf icon Section 2: Key Issues and Opportunities [547kb] (PDF - 548 KB) 
pdf icon Section 3: Planning Policy Framework [217kb] (PDF - 218 KB) 
pdf icon Section 4: Development Framework Concept [2Mb] (PDF - 2,719 KB) 
pdf icon Section 5: Implementation [82kb] (PDF - 83 KB) 
pdf icon Section 6: Planning Application [261kb] (PDF - 262 KB) 
pdf icon Orchard Hill SPD Addendum [37kb]

Supporting documents
pdf icon Adoption Statement [54kb] (PDF - 55 KB) 
pdf icon Statement of Compliance [558kb] (PDF - 559 KB) 
pdf icon Statement of Consultation [26kb] (October 2007) (PDF - 27 KB)  
pdf icon Statement of Consultation Appendix B:Consultation Leaflet [1Mb] (July 2007) (PDF - 1,850 KB)  
pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal Report [3Mb] (PDF - 3,373 KB) 
pdf icon Statement of SPD Matters [24kb] (PDF - 25 KB) 
pdf icon Formal Public Notice [13kb] (PDF - 14 KB) 
pdf icon Schedule of comments made at the Public Workshop (including Officer Responses) [26kb] (PDF - 27 KB)
pdf icon Technical Studies [3Mb] (PDF - 3,580 KB) 
pdf icon Combined Appendices [1Mb]  (PDF - 1,060 KB) - Orchard Hill Transport Statement