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Urban Design (SPD)

Sutton's Urban Design SPD sets out the Council's planning guidance for the design of buildings and the spaces between them, including squares and streets.

This document is the Council's first point of advice for urban design and replaces several previous supplementary planning guidance. It has two key sections:
  • Design principles for all development
  • Detailed design advice for particular areas or issues such as intensification; tall buildings; landmark features, contemporary design; movement and parking; shopfronts; and healthy neighbourhoods and health care facilities.

The Council ratified the adoption of this Supplementary Planning Document on 26 June 2008 following public consultation between 25 September 2007 and 6 November 2007. It forms part of Sutton's local Development Framework.

pdf icon Urban Design SPD [2Mb]
pdf icon Adoption Statement [26kb]
pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal [626kb]
pdf icon Public Consultation Statement [1Mb]
pdf icon Schedule of Responses [73kb] 

These documents can also be viewed at the Civic Offices (St Nicholas Way, Sutton), Council offices (24 Denmark Road, Carshalton) and all public libraries within the Borough.

For more information, contact Strategic Planning by email or telephone  the switchboard on 020 8770 5070.

How to Purchase Copies
To purchase copies of the SPD, priced at £15 (non-residents and business) or £10 (Borough Residents) each, use the Council's Online Payment Service

This draft SPD sets out several Design Principles to ensure that future development creates attractive and sustainable places, while taking the opportunities to respect and improve Sutton's local character. This SPD will form part of Sutton's Local Development Framework (LDF) that will replace the Unitary Development Plan over the next three years.

pdf icon Draft Urban Design SPD [2Mb]
pdf icon Report of Studies to the Draft Urban Design SPD - Part 1 [3Mb]
pdf icon Report of Studies to the Draft Urban Design SPD - Part 2 [2Mb]

Sustainability Appraisal
The Sustainability Appraisal of the draft Urban Design SPD is contained below.

pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal [626kb]

Statement of SPD Matters and Public Notice
The statement of SPD matters is required under Regulation 17(2)(iii) of the Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2004. The document contains information regarding the SPD, the subject matter, the period in which representations can be made and the contact name to address your representations.

pdf icon Statement of SPD Matters [24kb]

A copy of the public notice that has been advertised in the Sutton Guardian and Sutton Post newspapers is available below, setting out where the draft SPD document may be viewed within Sutton Borough.

pdf icon Formal Public Notice [13kb]

Previous Community Involvement
The Council conducted extensive community involvement in the preparation of the draft Urban Design SPD and the following document sets out a record of this. Community Involvement at this stage of preparing an SPD is not a statutory requirement, however the preparation of a consultation statement is and therefore set out below.

pdf icon Pre-production Consultation Statement [1Mb]