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Business Continuity

Advice and assistance from the London Borough of Sutton in partnership with London Prepared and the Metropolitan Police

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What is business continuity planning?

Business continuity planning is about resilience, being able to keep your organisation functioning in the event of a major incident (civil disorder, fire, flood or flu).

Why do you need business continuity planning?

Business continuity planning can be employed in all types of business and voluntary organisations. Quite simply, the better prepared you are, the better you will be able to cope with an incident that disrupts or threatens to disrupt your organisation. Business continuity planning helps your organisation to survive and succeed.

What does business continuity planning involve?

The basic planning process to achieve resilience is quite simple. The smaller the organisation, the simpler the process becomes. The process involves assessing risks, making plans, communicating plans and testing plans.

Do you want more information?

Then visit LONDON PREPARED. The information is tailored to small organisations, medium-sized organisations and large organisations. Risk assessment and planning templates are included to enable you to develop an effective business continuity plan in a relatively short period of time. There is also pdf icon guidance [52kb] from the Metropolitan Police on how you can protect your business from civil disorder.

Who is London Prepared?

The London Prepared website is a public information website on behalf of London Resilience, the Greater London Authority a strategic authority with a London wide role. London Prepared embraces all of the key organisations in London in the private, voluntary and public sectors, including the London Borough of Sutton.

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