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CIL - Community Infrastructure Levy

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The Mayor of London is introducing a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule.  With limited exceptions, CIL will be payable on all buildings (excluding buildings to which people only go occasionally to inspect plant) granted full planning permission by the Council from 1 April 2012 involving an increase in net floorspace of over 100m2 or involving the creation of any new residential units (even where this is below 100m2).

The charge in Sutton is set at £20 per square metre. The Council will be collecting the Mayoral CIL on behalf of the Mayor.

If your proposal would fall within these requirements then you need to complete the form below and return it immediately.

Community Infrastructure Levy

The two links below to the Planning Portal and Mayor of London's web site provide further information:

CIL - How to apply

CIL - Information