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Sutton's Online Residents Panel

Find out everything you need to know about Sutton's Online Residents Panel, including how it works, what it does and how you can join.

Online Panel Survey 9: Council Tax Booklet

The survey asked about how useful information included in the recently published Council Tax Booklet is to local residents. As a result of the survey findings, future editions of the Council Tax Booklet will contain more relevant and interesting topics. The booklet will cover information about Council Tax, while at the same time advising the residents of the services the council provide and how they are funded.  The information will also be made more easily accessible online, for those residents where this is a preference. The survey findings are now available: pdf icon Online Residents Panel Survey 9: Council Tax Booklet [555kb]

Online Panel Survey 8: Information & Advice

The findings from this survey will help to shape information and advice services provided by the council and its partners to ensure that the needs of Sutton residents are met. The survey asked how residents would prefer to access information and advice in relation to social housing, childcare or help in caring for an elderly relative. The Summary Report is now available:pdf icon Online Residents Panel Survey 8: Information & Advice [303kb]

Online Panel Survey 7: Culture

Sutton Council has been looking at its cultural provision and considering whether it needs to make any changes in the future to meet the needs of local residents. Members of Sutton's Online Residents' Panel were asked questions about visiting cultural venues in Sutton and different cultural activities of interest. The survey findings are now available. pdf icon Online Residents Panel Survey 7 Culture [646kb]

Online Panel Survey 6: Local Committees

To help the council shape and improve the future of local committees, panel members were asked a range of questions about awareness of, participation in and views about local committee meetings. They were also asked a number of questions about topics of interest in their local area. The results of the survey are now available in the summary report.pdf icon Online Residents Panel Survey 6 Local Committees [413kb]

Online Panel Survey 5: Waste and Recycling Services

Food waste makes up about 30% of the waste thrown away by the average household.  The council is currently considering proposals to introduce a weekly food waste collection service to all homes in the borough and to help the council with these proposals we are interested in what you think about waste and recycling services in the borough.  

The results of the survey are now available in the pdf icon summary report [312kb].

Online Panel Survey 4: Feeling Informed

In our recent Borough-Wide Residents Survey we asked residents in Sutton how well informed they feel about the services and benefits we provide.  Only 49% of people said they felt very or fairly well informed.  The council wanted to find out more about why this is, and what we can do to improve our communications.  This fourth online panel survey explored how well informed people feel about how our services and financial arrangements work, including how council tax is spent. 

The results of the survey are available in the summary report below.

pdf icon Online Residents Panel 4: Feeling Informed [217kb]

Online Panel Survey 3: Digital Engagement

Digital engagement is the use of social technology (such as the internet, online tools and services) for social benefit in order to create better public services, organise non-profit activities and develop new ways of tackling social issues. Digital engagement offers public services a range of ways to engage with and reach out to communities, however to do this it is important to understand a bit about the use of digital technology amongst residents. 

The results of the survey are available in the summary report below.

pdf icon Online Residents Panel Survey 3: Digital Engagement [964kb]

Online Panel Survey 2: Healthy Living

In the latest changes to the NHS, councils are being asked to work more closely with doctors to enable and support people to take care of their health. These changes are due to happen in 2013. To help the council we asked panel members for their views and ideas on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, and what their priorities and barriers are for improving their health in the future. The feedback provided will help to shape how we do this and will underpin our approach to addressing health improvement in the future.  

The results are available in the summary report below

pdf icon Online Residents Panel Survey 2: Healthy Living [83kb] [Note: this opens into a new window]

Online Panel Survey 1: Online Transactions

The first online panel survey went live at the start of October and explored the use of online council services. 

The results of the first Online Panel Survey are available in the summary report below.

 word icon Online Transactions [272kb]

What is Sutton's Online Residents Panel?

Sutton recognises the importance of engaging with and listening to its residents.  The council has undertaken face-to-face resident surveys since 1987 which have identified what our residents think about the council and the services it provides.  In 2011 the council is piloting two new Resident Tracker Surveys which interview a smaller sample of residents on a more regular basis to identify their opinions on hot topics. 

In the last Resident Tracker Survey in June 2011 the council tested out whether residents would want to be involved in an online residents panel, which would provide more regular feedback about a wide range of topics.  25% of residents said they would want to be involved in this so the council has decided to set up an online panel from September 2011.  This is a voluntary panel - residents can choose whether or not to join the panel, and whether or not they want to take part in the ongoing discussions.

What does the Online Panel do?

The Online Panel started in September 2011 and involves monthly discussions about a wide range of topics including use of the council's website and healthy living.  The panel uses online methods such as surveys which are free to use and enable the council to gather feedback quickly and easily.  The aim is for topics to be stimulating and quick, and each panel survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.  Surveys are generally open for two weeks, and feedback is provided two weeks later.

The panel will not act like a referendum however all the ideas, views and opinions put forward for each topic will be seriously considered.  The council will not ask about topics over which is has no control or ability to influence, therefore all feedback will be carefully considered and used to help make real developments and decisions.

What about people who do not have online access?

The council knows that the majority of Sutton residents have access to the internet via a home or work computer or increasingly via mobile phones.  All Sutton residents can access computers with free internet connection in a Sutton library.  However for residents who do not have access to the internet, and are not able to visit a Sutton library, the council still engages residents through other means including the borough-wide Residents Survey and the Residents Tracker Survey.  You can also have your say by attending your Local Committee or other public meetings, taking part in consultations or contributing towards petitions.  The council is committed to seeking residents' opinions using a broad range of methods.

How can you be part of the Online Panel?

If you would like to be part of the Sutton Online Residents Panel, you can register your details online. Please click here to be taken to the online registration form.

Can you take part if you are not a resident of Sutton?

If you are not a resident of Sutton you can still register your details and take part.  However when you email please make sure you register which area you do live in and how you know the borough.  Some topics may still be of relevance to you as someone who lives near to the borough boundary, or as someone who works, passes through or enjoys facilities within the borough.  However it is useful for the council to understand your place of residence and which services or geographic areas are of most interest to you.