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Strategic Commissioning

Find out how the Council commissions services and how it wants to involve residents and partners in the process.

As part of the drive towards implementing a Smarter Council, we are refining how we commission services. The Council delivers a range of services, some of which are provided by Council employed staff and some are provided by organisations from the private or community sector. The Council uses a process known as a 'commissioning cycle' (illustrated above) to make decisions over which services it should deliver, who should use specific services and how those services will best operate in Sutton. Commissioning is commonly accepted to be a four-stage process that allows for consultation with residents and partners and decisions based on evidence.  Commissioners in the Council will usually be expected to follow the Commissioning Cycle.

The Council Executive agreed a new approach to commissioning in October, 2011.This approach will enable us to:

  • Involve residents and partner organisations in more stages of the commissioning cycle,
  • Co-ordinate commissioning across the Council and with our partners more effectively,
  • Ensure an open and transparent process that works for people in Sutton and provides value for money.

Council Officers also use a Commissioning Framework to help make sure they commission effectively. Please view or download the Commissioning Framework.

Please try out Sutton's online Commissioning e-learning module available for free, to learn more about what commissioning is and how it works.