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Map Types

A brief description of map types and where we use them.

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A - Z

These are some of the most well known maps and are widely used in street atlases showing roads and important buildings such as hospitals and schools. These are available in both colour, and black and white versions.


Aerial Photos

Aerial photography is used in Sutton to identify changes to the built environment together with a wealth of other useful information.

Aerial Photos are available for the following dates:

1949 (Black & White)

Summer 1998 (Colour)

Summer 2003 (Colour)

Winter 2006 (Colour)



Historic mapping is available as far back as 1865 and is primarily used in Sutton to identify land use. Questions like what did a neighbourhood look like a hundred years ago and what properties existed can also be answered. Historic mapping is available in epochs, an epoch being a particular period in time.

The following are the epochs currently available:

1865 - 1884


1895 - 1897


1934 - 1935

1949 - 1962

1957 - 1965

1967 - 1968

1974 - 1976

1976 - 1993


Ordnance Survey

As the country's national mapping agency, the Ordnance Survey has been surveying the British Isles since 1746 when a far-sighted engineer named William Roy began surveying Scotland. Businesses and councils throughout the British Isles use their wide range of mapping.

Sutton uses the following Ordnance Survey Maps:

Colour 1:50,000

Black & White Raster 1:10,000




Other Mapping Websites:

Earth Tools - Maps and aerial photos based on Google Maps but with added functionality.

eMapSite - Search for an area and see what maps are available.

European Space Imaging - Satellite Imagery.

Getmapping - Aerial photography.

Google Maps - Maps and aerial photos of the planet.

Google Earth - Aerial photos of the planet including points of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more.

Multimap - Online maps and points of interest.

Old Maps - Find out where your ancestors used to live or check out what your neighbourhood looked like over a hundred years ago.

Streetmap - Find a map by street name, postcode or phone code.

Windows Live Local - Maps and aerial photos plus bird's eye views.