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Primary Language and Communication Support Service

The Primary Language and Communication Support Service (PLCSS) provides language programmes for pupils whose speaking and listening skills are significantly below their expected level as described in the National Curriculum.

Each school is allocated support according to level of need, using data collected by the Education Authority.

The service works in all Nursery and Primary schools, which have to check pupils' language ability against a list of skills derived from the National Curriculum. An assessment of individual needs may also be required and each team member is able to provide this on request.

It is expected that the school inform parents that they are referring their child in the first instance. Towards the end of the programme the PLCSS teacher will contact parents to offer to discuss their child's progress. The PLCSS teacher can also provide language 'workshops' and games and activities to do at home which will support language development.

The PLCSS provides training for teachers, teaching assistants, school governors and parents on aspects of their work, from the nature of pupil needs to strategies for intervention and use of resources. Schools can release teaching assistants to observe PLCSS teachers working with children.