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Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team is made up of experienced teachers with additional qualifications in special needs and dyslexia.

We work with Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 schools to support children with reading, writing and maths difficulties. 

We provide a range of training for teachers and teaching assistants to help them to identify and support dyslexic learners and we work in partnership with a charity, the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, on some of our training. We have also produced resources for schools (eg a programme for Year 1 pupils, books supporting spelling and writing) and videos on reading and spelling for parents and volunteers. The videos are available for parents to borrow at schools and Sutton libraries.

Individual pupils are referred to the service by their schools. We offer pupil assessment and advice; we work closely with teachers and support assistants and we also carry out programmes of work with pupils. We discuss the work regularly with parents and involve them in some reinforcement work at home wherever possible. As well as working on improving skills, we aim to work with schools to improve children's self-esteem and confidence and to help them to develop ways of working more independently.

Strategies to support literacy:

pdf icon Methods for Learning Spellings [14kb] (PDF - 14 KB)

pdf icon Spelling - Useful Strategies [37kb] (PDF - 37 KB)

pdf icon Supporting Reading [31kb] (PDF - 31 KB)