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Officers tackle dog fouling in parks

Officers from Sutton's Safer Parks police teams were out and about in the borough on Tuesday (14th February) to issue £50 on-the-spot, fixed penalty fines to dog owners who fail to pick up after their pets.

The officers in plain clothes were in Carshalton Park and Grove Park, Carshalton. The previous week officers were patrolling the alleyway between Shorts Road and West Street.The police action follows concerns raised by members of the public about dog fouling.

Safer Parks Sgt Gavin Weldon said: "Over the last few months we have worked with dog walkers to make sure they are aware that members of the public expect them to pick up after their pets.

"Most dog owners do clear up but there is a small minority of dog owners who refuse to do so - and we want this operation to send out a strong message that this behaviour won't be tolerated."

During the operation on Tuesday, all the dog owners picked up after their pets.

Tackling dog fouling has become a policing priority in a number wards across the borough - priorities which are set at Ward Panel Meetings, which are made up of representatives of local communities.

Cllr Colin Hall, Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change on Sutton Council, said: "Dog fouling is unhygienic, anti-social and can be a serious health threat. There's no excuse for leaving dog mess littering public areas. Most owners are responsible and pick up after their pets, but there's a small minority who still let their animals use our parks and pavements as a sewer. These patrols serve as a reminder that dog owners have a duty to clean up after their pets."